I guess there’s really just one place to get a dose of pamyeezy.

Her Twitter doesn’t give up anything, so we thank you Instagram. A Filipina from San Diego, California (her mom is Filipina and French), Pam is an attractive woman, although she seems to channel a certain reality TV celeb a bit too much for my tastes. Of course I would prefer her sans the makeup and, obviously, the clothes. It’s hard to tell, but she appears to be fairly tall and I think her upper half (however she came by it) balances her bottom nicely.



  1. Lee’s avatar

    The make up seems to do her no favours at all, yet her natural prettiness still tries to shine through.
    I would love to see her at home, no war paint, in a track suit, of all things.

  2. Marc’s avatar

    Those fancy sex dolls get better all the time.

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    no thx

  4. Avatar of Luke

    Looks damn nice to me :)

  5. Don Juan’s avatar

    She is a very attractive woman. Her backside is amazing. The implants are a bit much for my taste though. Still crackers in bed would be tolerated.

  6. Avatar of Seems

    I’m going to have to pass. It’s a pity, because under all the plastic and makeup I think there’s a pretty girl trying to get out.

  7. Avatar of arf

    Well Goodness Yes indeedy!