Carly Yee

Carly Yee. Instagram model.

Not surprisingly, that’s the long and short of it. Carly is a model from Vancouver, Canada. I find her attractive and maybe it’s just me projecting but I get a bit of a naughty vibe from her. It probably is just me.




  1. Chuck’s avatar

    Real nice combination-beautiful and no ink.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    Half naked, sexy face (yes I get the vibes too) and a bottle of Moet Chandon. Sounds like the beginning of something good!

  3. Avatar of rahbka

    very sexy woman

  4. gunnar’s avatar

    anyone can be a model in 2018…
    no thank you

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Haha, oooooooooooookay. I think she’s much better than “anyone.”

  6. Avatar of Luke

    She has a great body for lingerie. I think Gunnar has a point although it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I don’t quite get the feeling here.

  7. Avatar of IeatCows

    Would have guessed this one was Viet, but I will take her either way. One man’s anyone is another’s peach.

  8. Avatar of tulqas

    All nice, all natural, all mine (I wish)..

  9. Avatar of arf

    Absolute Yum!…Oooh those legs!

  10. Avatar of PhilAcio

    I have to agree with Gunnar here. Who isn’t an “Instagram model” these days?

    She’s cute, but nothing spectacular.