Bebe is big into video games, and cosplaying.

Living in Toronto, Bebe (I’m guessing Filipina?) started doing the cosplay/convention thing back around 2015, which is about the same time she started modeling. Currently doing fashion and boudoir shoots, she said she only gets to do her cosplaying part-time because it gets expensive and she hopes to make her cosplay/modeling dreams come true so she can do it full time. It’s good to have goals.




  1. Avatar of DeepSky

    Very pretty, sexy young woman with a hot curvy bod. She has a beautiful mix look to me. A big approval from me.

  2. Avatar of ChickenEssence

    I wish there were pre-transformation pictures of her, with normal ass and boobs and so. Sorry, but she looks to me like slipping into vulgarity :(

  3. Avatar of vinhdiesel

    She’s really pretty in some pictures! Some not so much. She has a patreon I see.

    No real nudes. Only implied. Booo.

  4. Avatar of Luke

    I hope she can do more cosplay, she is sexy. She should subsidise it with camming

  5. gunnar’s avatar

    a big “no thank you” from me.

  6. Bianca Ngo’s avatar

    She’s half Chinese and half Vietnamese. I know for a fact that her tits are fake and that she is just a gold digger.

  7. Amy Nguyen’s avatar

    She is half Chinese and Viet; her names Bianca, she actually commented on this