Suki Yuki

“Premier Gerbil Queen and the owner of Hawaii’s most impressive hungry butt”.

So says Suki (AKA Kat Sweets). She also says she’s a “Space Unicorn”, so I’m guessing she’s only speaking figuratively.

A Hawaiian girl of full Japanese ethnicity—I would have guessed mixed myself—Yuki is into health and positivity. A recent graduate with a degree in accounting, Suki would like to work for an airliner or hotel chain in order to see the world. In the meantime, she puts in some hours at Club Rock Za, billed as an adult entertainment service, and models for various photographers around Oahu. And she has a damn fine butt.

Age: 26
Height: 5’4″ (163cm)
Weight: 115lbs (52kg)
Measurements: 31B-25-33″ (79-64-84 cm)

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  1. Avatar of Brutus

    Would bang.

    But prefer smaller asses.

  2. Avatar of bthomas


    Shes definitely pretty sexy. Wish she had some full nudes. Id like to see the whole package. Think she is rocking pubic hair down there?

  3. Avatar of maruchiman

    Damn, that club is right down the street from my place.
    I owe myself a visit……..

  4. Avatar of Luke

    What’s a hungry butt? And should a gerbil be let anywhere near it?? Her arse is great hungry or otherwise.

  5. boris the bug’s avatar

    I like big butts I can not lie

  6. Steve Puckett’s avatar

    Judging by the great variation of boob sizes between some of the pic….somebody had some work done ;) but extremely beautiful in both variants.

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m hungry for that butt! And, 31B? Seems like an understatement.

  8. Avatar of ProfAbe

    As Al Pacino said in “Heat:”

    “She’s got a great ass!”

  9. Avatar of starchild


  10. Avatar of bthomas

    This might be one of the top girls on the site. excellent body, butt, face, everything. Wish she had full nude shots