Angel Chow-Toun

Angel is a journalist and singer who hails from Guyana.

She also lists herself as an entrepreneur. Angel’s Asian connection is through her great-grandfather, who was from northern China. She began her career as a tele-journalist in Guyana, but a life long dream of singing lead her to enroll in classes after traveling to Paris, where she also began to write and compose songs. She’s also appeared on television. Here are links to her Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Avatar of DeepSky

    Kind of surprised no comments yet. Pretty young woman, but I think “Asian” siren is a bit of a stretch. The great grandfather connection is pretty remote.

  2. Badguy’s avatar

    I’ve seen some claim Native American heritage with a noticeably more remote connection. Great Grandfather makes her 1/8th. Seems legit. You can see it for sure. I’m mixed race as well. My Great grandfather was Irish and I got his freckles. And his love of whiskey it seems lol.