Aprilla Vigee

It seems there is a commonality of looks among many Indonesian models.

And this applies to Aprilla. The colored contacts (I omitted most photos with the blue eyes), the in my opinion overdone eye makeup, and the sameness to the photo shoots (although that’s more on the photographers) seems to be a common thread, but hey, the women are still beautiful. From what information I could glean Aprilla was born April 29, 1990 in Jakarta. She’s 5’2″ (160cm) and weighs 99lbs (45kg). I couldn’t find any measurements but you can see she’s well represented in that area. Aprilla likes shopping, traveling, clubbing and dancing. Her favorite music is R&B, she likes all genres of films and her favorite food is salad. At least a dinner date sounds cheap.




  1. Avatar of rahbka

    Those might be nice breasts.

  2. Avatar of SteveJobs

    You like indonesian girls?

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Why do you keep asking this pointless question?

  4. Avatar of egg

    Hot, well built and attractive, but ultimately generic as @Romanticwarrior says…

    I normally don’t mind tats at all, heck often find them hot…but in this case I look at the writing on her arm and all I can imagine is that it says “elbow”, and she’s getting all the parts labeled so she can be ISO 9000 compliant…

  5. Avatar of arf

    Very Very Sexy!…I love Indonesian girls