Mzre Yuen

Mzre’s Asian makeup is a real mixed bag.

Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, Thai… It’s all in there. A model from Stockton, California, Mzre (that’s pronounced “misery”) now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where she’s the CEO at a modeling agency. Mzre is a model, dancer, cosplayer… and part time Succubus. She also has some estimable pole dancing skills. From what I’ve read she’s a pretty opinionated lady who’s had a few tough breaks in life but keeps moving forward. A little FYI for you, she changes her hair color every three months and Ron Jeremy is her boyfriend.

Age: 25
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 115lbs
Measurements: 34DD-26-36″

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  1. Avatar of maruchiman

    Ron Jeremy is her boyfriend?? wow………….

  2. Avatar of Luke

    The change of hair colour makes her look like a completely different person.

  3. Mark T’s avatar

    Marky like :)

  4. Avatar of arf

    Gosh!…she is sexy. but I’m with maruchiman…why Ron Jeremy?

  5. Avatar of Luke


    She’s into hedgehogs

  6. Avatar of arf


    more like warthog