JinJoo Lee

Cute Asian chicks thrashing axes? Kick out the jams mofos!

adcmelb, she’s playing your song! JinJoo is a 25 year old South Korean guitarist currently playing with Joe Jonas’s band DNCE and previously with, among others, Charli XCX, Jordin Sparks and CeeLo Greene. JinJoo taught herself how to play guitar at age 12 and moved to the US at age 19, learned how to speak English and the rest is ongoing history. Eat your hearts out Beliebers!



  1. Avatar of arf

    Oh Gosh!….Yes! More talent in the tip of her fingers than the Beaver has in his whole body.

  2. Avatar of adcmelb

    Certainly a talented cutie and she does it all with her clothes on ;)

  3. Avatar of ssn

    Her face is very expressive…changeable.