Sunny Fae

Sunny Fae is an import model who was Miss HIN Seattle runner-up.

Sunny is a cutie whose Instagram moniker is itssosunny, and I’m sure wherever she goes it is. She tries a few different looks including purple hair but I think it works pretty well. Sunny is quite cross eyed in a number of her pics and I like it, as well as her small, well toned frame. Maybe she is closer to girl-next-door than catwalk model but she looks like a lot of fun and very approachable.



  1. pres’s avatar

    She’s sexy but looks like jailbait in too many of her photos.

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    I generally prefer girl-next-door to catwalk types.This is one of those times.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I also feel that slightly cross-eyed Asian girls can often look very cute!

  4. Avatar of louiszollo

    What not one tattoo?! Good for her, she’s beautiful…

  5. Avatar of arf

    Goodness!!!….cute, hot n’ sexy all at once. Very nice!

  6. tiger’s avatar

    She is a runner up?? The winner must be a stone 10+? Sunny brightened my day.

  7. Avatar of smellykev

    She has a lightsaber. Stand back all you unwashed fellow asian-lovers. This girl is MINE!!!

  8. Avatar of The-Dean

    WOW! I ca’n't find many faults with this one. (Well, other than she isn’t nude, that is.)

  9. ts41nj’s avatar

    Tight little body there.