Vietnamese rapper Suboi recently got to spit a few rhymes for Prezizlle Obama during his trip to Viet Nam yo.

At least I think they were rhymes. Singer, song-writer, rapper Hàng Lâm Trang Anh, also known as Quiet Bunny or Suboi (“Su” is her nickname at home and “boi” the nickname elementary school friends gave her for being a tomboy—so does that translate to “home-boy”?). She was born January 14, 1990 in Ho Chi Minh City. Active since 2007,  Suboi is the first Vietnamese female rapper of note.



  1. ProfAbe’s avatar

    Jekyll and Hyde type. Some of the shots she looks great and others a bit of a mess.

  2. Avatar of Luke

    She’s hot!!!

  3. Avatar of arf

    I likey!

  4. O'grady’s avatar

    I’m not into rap but I’d be a fan. Vietnamese women are hot and she’s proof of that.

  5. Avatar of French

    Yeah, caught that on the news….my first impression (before she sang) was that she was attractive.

    Agree with ProfAbe….some shots she is VietHot!, others not so much.

    Classic Viet good looks….

    Glad to see she stood up and sang, and is working the free media for more hits. Happy to see the government not bothering her.

  6. Mark T’s avatar

    Marky like!!:)

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I’m just glad it’s Suboi and not Sue Boy!! Or Big Boi, for that matter.

  8. Avatar of Romanticwarrior


    A boy named Sue?

  9. Dennis Dames’s avatar

    Lively and attractive…