Pacific USA 2016 Calendar

It’s that time of year again—Christmas and New Year bring plenty of surprises, and none are better than the new Pacific USA calendar.

Adam and the team have done it again and brought us a years worth of beautiful ladies in exotic locations, including the stunning cover model Angelica Pamintuan (who I’ve been busy researching since I first saw the photo). Needless to say this year’s calendar is awesome—I think it’s even better than last year’s and you can get yours here.



  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Those Pacific USA girls are SO hot…

  2. Avatar of Luke


    so many of the images available of Thai girls are poor quality it’s great to see them done by a professional.

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    It’s gonna be a great year!

  4. NYYANKS15’s avatar

    Isn’t Adam’s last name YURMAN? It’s spelled YUMAN on the bottom right hand side of the calendar.

  5. Avatar of Basho

    Everything about the images in Pacific USA is everything that is right up my alley in terms of asian beauty.

  6. Avatar of Luke


    I think it was spelled incorrectly so often he dropped the R to make it easier. I know in Thailand they translate into English phonetically with quite differing results at times.

  7. Matt’s avatar

    Interesting choice for the cover of the 2016 calendar. I think that image is almost 20 years old. I remember Angelica from Adam’s calendars in the late 90s.

  8. banjingan’s avatar

    i’m sorry but Garfield Sirichai looks like Farsai from Theblackalley models. Is it ?

  9. Avatar of Luke


    could be, I would need to see more photos. There are similarities, Thai ladies seem to change the name they use quite a bit.