Monica Masnovi‏ (Monroe)

Raise a glass to the people of Slovakia who have the good sense to recognize an Asian siren when they see one, by voting Monica Masnovi‏ as their Playboy Playmate of the Year 2015.

Miss July Monica has a pretty impressive figure including a set of jugs that are on the more extreme end of the boobometer.

She also models under the name Monica Monroe and has listed her nationality as American, although I have it on good authority that her ethnicity is an Italian/Chinese mix. It is an interesting look with the blonde hair and statuesque figure. Hopefully it’s a sign there will be plenty more Asian PMOTYs. :)

Name: Monica Masnovi‏
Alias: Monica Monroe
Ethnicity: Chinese/Italian
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Date of Birth: 13.July 1984
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio USA
Height: 5’4″ (163cm)
Measurements: (US) 38-23-34 / (EU) 98-61-86
Dress Size: (US) 1 / (EU) 32

What? Not nude enough?? Well you better watch the video!!


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  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I guess this girl will be trashed by a few commenters, but I’ll take both. :)

  2. Avatar of Tbone

    Of course many of you know how I feel about implants. But these are beyond ridiculous.

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    It might be, in part, that she reminds me of Kim Kardashian which initiates my gag reflex that makes me say I’m going to have to pass on this lady.

  4. Avatar of maruchiman

    Playmate of the Year??? really?? I can see cyber model but ………geez. Hefner is really losing it………… pass.

  5. Seoul Music’s avatar

    Well then, I up you with “Xu Meow Meow” aka Mickey.

    I don’t like big boobs, even when natural. I don’t like plastic doll faces. She seems (and must be I would guess) very sad. How come I like some of these pictures? OK, I am partial to chinese traditions…

  6. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Seoul Music,

    Please keep your comments on topic—she has already been requested in the appropriate forum.

  7. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Such a great mix and an awesome waist-line.

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I was wondering if it was April?

  9. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I’m glad somebody else can appreciate her. :)

  10. Avatar of numbahanna

    Very disturbing :0(

  11. Avatar of Philip_Beans


  12. Nik2’s avatar

    Christina Aguilera?

  13. ThorZien’s avatar

    Is my perspective off, or does Monica have different sized implants in some pictures? The picture of her on the red couch, her breasts almost look believable – but in other pictures they look like over inflated basketballs. Has anybody got a pressure guage handy…

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yes she does—it would take a few surgeries to reach her present size.

  15. Avatar of arf

    Sure would make for a long night of fun!…or maybe even a week if she would let it. I’d never get tired of her.

  16. studly’s avatar

    over kill not my thing it’s christeen