Michelle Nhu

Travis alerted us to some important news regarding Michelle Nhu, who was featured before but was due for an update. Why you ask?

Well she has released some nude shots—or at least they are more nude than her previous work—and what better reason for a recap and a look back at some of her fine work. Michelle has a few stickers that I’m sure will put some of you off (it’s your loss), but she is a very sexy lady who certainly knows how to tease in her pics, and in her videos too.

Born: November 10, 1989
Height: 5’5″ / 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 61cm
Hips: 86cm
Cup: C
Ethnicity: Vietnamese



  1. Avatar of maruchiman

    smile – +10
    body – + 10
    hotness – +10
    tattoo – (-100)

  2. ThorZien’s avatar

    Maybe they are just stickers… In some pictures, the rose is on her right hip, in others, the rose is on her left hip. Michelle is definitely a siren though.

  3. Avatar of arf

    Gud Lawrd!!! She’s really hot.

  4. Avatar of ssn

    Tattoo stickers are a great idea! She is a hottie. Siren.

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Wow, a true Viet goddess! She’s way too hot for the tats to ruin her, but it is deeply sad that such a vision of loveliness is so marred by them.

  6. RogerThePunk’s avatar

    not fond of tats… pics can be flipped for composition reasons, hence the flip flopping tats…
    aside from that, she’s gorgeous…

  7. Ya-Bing’s avatar

    Quite pretty but a 24 inch or 61 cm bust? My taste do run toward more ample endowed women.

  8. Avatar of Tbone

    Yup, guaranteed the anti tattoo brigade will show up whenever any girl featured on here has even a small tattoo.

  9. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Ya-Bing wrote:
    Quite pretty but a 24 inch or 61 cm bust? My taste do run toward more ample endowed women.

    Pretty sure that’s a misprint — probably 81cm.

  10. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Very pretty, nice, tight body, and oh! those tan lines!!!

    Her tats don’t bother me in the least, but she should quit while she’s ahead.

  11. Avatar of Luke

    wingsfan19 wrote: Pretty sure that’s a misprint — probably 81cm.

    That’s a direct copy from her Model Mayhem page but clearly a mistake, I should’ve picked up on that

  12. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Super HOT! Love her face and that body!
    Tattoos subtract from it all. Stickers or not, poor taste.

  13. Avatar of KalifoJin

    Yup, a goddess in the making: Stay humane, hon, and don’t get trapped – by money or love – the world needs your charms.

  14. studly’s avatar