Hitomi Shiraishi

Hitomi was a vision of loveliness.

Hitomi Shiraishi is a former Japanese model, JAV, V-cinema, movie and TV actress from the 1990s, who has been called “the eternal porn queen”. She debuted  as an AV actress at 18 and has been described as “one of the most popular AV actresses of [the] 1990s”. After retiring from performing, she went on to a second career as a movie screenwriter under the name Yukie Ochiai. I’m just glad she performed.

Born: December 25, 1971 Tokyo Japan
Height: 5’2½” (1.59m)
Measurements: 32-22-33″ (82-58-85cm)

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  1. Nik2’s avatar

    I love how natural looking were breasts of Japanese women in late 90s when I discovered JAV. I don’t mind “rice bowl” implants, but some of current JAV stars match their Western counterparts in silicone silliness.

  2. Ya-Bing’s avatar

    Very nice, I like her trim tight figure.

  3. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Yes, agreed, lovely.

  4. Avatar of KalifoJin

    humm, I see a bit of a hint of that “steel-hard toughness” that Japanese women in particular are noted for, some typically modern-era underused intelligence, and a good healthy dose of sensuality.

    All of which the narrative bears out. Maybe I should guess the subject of her screenplays? Man meets woman and they both suffer.

    If she was born in ’71, she is STILL a “vision of loveliness”.

  5. Avatar of KalifoJin

    Comment on my own post: Her screenplay was story of strong woman facing a disintegrating family and the changes in society around her. Brainy and tough. And she did some bondage stuff, too. What a gift.
    The bath picture is excellent, among others.