Nana Ayano 彩乃なな

Nana Ayano is a Japanese nude model and JAV idol who is too sweet to pull off a bad girl look convincingly, but does get naked in a nice kind of way.

At least that was the evidence I found without searching too hard, some nice shots from Graphis where Nana looks sweet, pretty and innocent. This seems to inevitably lead the Japanese to tie her up, surround her with cocks and cover her in jizz, which I didn’t care to search for—yet.

City/State Kanagawa
Birth Date y:1995 m:12 d:3
Blood Type O
Height cm 159
Measurements cm B:86 W:59 H:87



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    Not to mention Nana is a Japanese adult video star

  2. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    A little on the elfin side. Nice ass and dangerous nips.

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    she’s not bad, but very average.

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    Thanks! Updated the article—it seems Luke was afraid to find that out. ;)

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    Dr. Lee,

    It’s not always a good thing ;)