Zhuzhu 朱珠

Who better to get advice on a potential Chinese siren than TheBeijinger? So when he suggested Zhuzhu I just had to have a look.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Zhuzhu started learning piano at 3 and had a knack for speaking English. She gained prominence as an MTV host in China and has appeared in Western cinema, notably Cloud Atlas and The Man With the Iron Fists (both 2012). She hit the gossips pages when the paparazzi snapped her kissing Italian Lapo Elkann (heir to Fiat and football club Juventus) in a revealing outfit. I think he’s done pretty well for himself. ;)

Name: Zhuzhu 朱珠
Born: July 19, 1984 Beijing
Residence: Beijing
Nationality: Chinese
Alma mater: Beijing Technology and Business University
Occupation: Actress, singer, hostess



  1. Avatar of arf

    I like her legs. A little side boob is always nice too.

  2. draco’s avatar

    Playboy Model material here.

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Drop-dead gorgeous! I think every pic here rocks! Good selection of representative photos Luke.

  4. Avatar of fungusfarm

    What an adorable beauty!

  5. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Wow! This girl is really beautiful. And the dimples….

  6. Avatar of French


    I think one of the reasons why Playboy hit the dirt is because they did NOT feature beautiful Asian women like Zhuzhu here. Rather, they focused on trashy-looking cookie-cutter blondes with the same breasts.

    So I would NOT say that she is Playboy material. She is very pretty.

  7. Basho’s avatar

    I have to concur that she is not really the kind of girl that playboy go for. She is pretty but I have to admit that the public display of affection seems really off from the sophisticated image she is trying to promote. Something ain’t right inside.

  8. Avatar of QuantumForce

    She was also in the recent Marco Polo series on Netflix as the Blue Princess, and was absolutely beautiful and stunning there.