Michelle Lou Lan

Michelle Lou Lan splits her time and her legs between NYC and Hawaii. Well maybe not quite that far, but she sure is flexible.

Michelle was a principal dancer before a back injury forced her into a career change. Some advice from her doctor led her to yoga which in turn has formed the basis for her career. Michelle developed MeshYoga, a combination of yoga and dance moves and has turned it into a business, even branching out into designing yoga pants which she fills out with distinction. She is fit, toned and has a positive outlook on life, plus her sexy eyes have a hypnotic quality that has almost convinced me to adopt the healthy lifestyle she promotes.




  1. Quyen’s avatar

    Ah! An Asian Yoga Goddess! Perfect 10!

  2. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Spectacular waist, really pretty. The first pink pants pic needs higher resolution so I can do a perv-zoom in on the camel toe. She looks part Caucasian in some of the photos. The last is my favorite, showing her perfect, Asian hourglass figure.

  3. gunnar’s avatar

    wow, she looks a bit special, but overall a nice package!!

  4. Avatar of French

    Doc? She is Asian, athletic, and HOT.

    What poses!

  5. FanOfAsianBeauty’s avatar

    She is hot. I literally can’t stop gawking at her pictures. Keep posting more like this!

  6. Avatar of arf

    Her butt is just fantastic. A pretty jawdropping deriere and mid-section.

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yep, I have to agree: a fabulous overall body shape (especially her waistline) and a very striking face—even though I normally hate coloured contacts, they seem to work really well for her (although a slight air of artificiality remains). A visit to the Doc would make her perfect. :)

  8. o'grady’s avatar

    you know every once in a while you see a woman that, by just her beauty alone, makes you feel like you got slapped in the face? well, I just got slapped… hard!

  9. Avatar of Beni Snow

    I agree with all of the above apart from Doc’s assertion that she needs something else.

    She’s so perfect, she seems unearthly – she’s amazingly gorgeous and some of those moves are out of this world.

    Surely she can’t be real????

    I’m seriously tempted to up sticks and move to NY just to find out….

  10. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Attractive face. Killer bod. Doesn’t ring my bell. Go figure.

  11. Avatar of IeatCows

    Damn..I think I just wet myself! Fit perfection! I don’t think anything on this one can be improved.

  12. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Caption for pic #16: “Talk to the foot!”

  13. Nik2’s avatar

    Siren of 2014.

  14. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Romanticwarrior wrote:
    Attractive face. Killer bod. Doesn’t ring my bell. Go figure.

    I think it’s the air of artificiality I mention. Ironically, people implying she seems too good to be true are, to a point, right: certainly her eyes aren’t real, and there’s a fair bit of Photoshopping too. Still hot, but maybe not quite that hot.

  15. Quyen’s avatar

    I agree Dr. Lee. The pictures can be quite deceiving. She might look different in person. But eh. She’s just Eye candy. Love her pictures though.

    She’s such an inspiration. Makes me wanna do yoga so I can have a killer body too.

  16. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Dr. Lee,

    That could be it Doctor Lee. In any case, I seem to diverge from my AS brethren on this one. Fine as she is I can think of more attractive (imo) Sirens.

  17. Avatar of wingsfan19

    The poses, the fitness, the body, the face — all great to me.