Bagel Soo – Bath Time

Despite a commenter at Reddit saying they call her “Bagel Soo” because he just “cream cheesed” in his pants while watching one of her videos, Bagel Soo’s nickname has nothing to do with the O-shaped bread (but she’d probably make a better compliment to lox).

“Bagel” is a “Konglish” word used to describe a baby-faced girl with a voluptuous body. They take the first syllable of “baby” and the first syllable of the Korean pronunciation of “glamor” (which they use to describe a curvy and sexy body, rather than truly glamorous, as by the Western definition of the word) and put them together to come up with “bagel.” Hence, a very prime example of a “bagel girl” (“베이글녀”) is Soo here.

The above video shows Bagel Soo (베이글쑤), who’s also know as BJ (no, it stands for “broadcast jockey”) Gwiyomi Soo (귀요밍쑤) on, getting clean and dirty at the same time in her wildly popular netizen-entitled video “Bath Time.” It was recorded by one of her viewers earlier this year. At right is Soo’s most popular GIF image, taken from this video, that’s been floating around cyberspace for the last couple of months. Happy Googling and for more of Soo, give your thanks to Reddit user “PaplooTheEwok” for these DDLs. Not even Noah’s has bagels this tasty.



  1. raconnection’s avatar

    Haha. Not that I don’t enjoy this, but I wonder about her “bathing” routine. It seems that she multi-tasking: exercising, self massage, doing her laundry and taking a bath!?!^^

  2. Avatar of arf

    Goddang she’s hot! Her breasts really are fantastic. Her butt also. I love it.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    LOL! ‘Tis indeed a nice video though.

  4. Avatar of Basho

    18mins 25 secs of pure joy. Told you I was shallow

  5. o'grady’s avatar

    holly crap she’s hot! she has really perfected the art of the tease. just wish we could see her whole face, but I guess that’s part of the act. the braces can go, though. they just seem like a porno chic gimmick. now, if she really has braces for teeth realignment then my bad. what a body on her. perfect hour glass figure.

  6. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    CEC you always find great info on the girls. Thanks for the post. She is amazingly hot.


    Google the names CEC gave and you’ll find plenty of pics including her face–she’s cute, but the body is what shines. In one of the videos linked above there’s a sequence at end of her face. The hourglass figure is spectacular, but ass too, wicked tits. Many of these BJ videos can get a bit tedious, but with Soo you can’t stop being amazed by the body.

  7. j smith’s avatar

    More than a hand full is not wasted. :) She is a lovely and talented girl , I wish her the very best of luck in all of her endeavors.

  8. JHFrank’s avatar

    She gots what it takes. Hurts to watch this video, but I can’t seem to stop doing it.

  9. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Here she isn’t shy about showing all her stuff.