Throwback Thursday – Adele Yoshioka in Magnum Force

Above is Adele Yoshioka as “Sunny,” Harry Callahan’s very friendly neighbor, introducing herself to the San Francisco police inspector in 1973′s Magnum Force. According to the film’s screenwriter John Milius, the character Sunny was written in as Harry’s “love interest” because Clint Eastwood received many fan letters from Asian women that contained sexual propositions. Unless the info that those ladies were Asian, was solely gathered because they stated so in their writings or from their names, one can assume photos were also enclosed in those fan letters. I wonder if Mr. Eastwood saved them.

As for Miss Yoshioko, she pretty much retired from acting after her role as a lab assistant in the 1999 film A Table for One. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, an organization she’s been involved with since 1991. Read more about that in this 2010 interview she did with

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  1. Nik2’s avatar

    Ahhh, what a great scene. Highlight of movie when I watched it as a teen. Adele is/was/remains such a siren.

  2. Avatar of IeatCows

    A class act Adele. Wish she had graced us with more filmography. And yes she can bring me up a 6pack of Olympia beer to my dark apartment any day!

  3. Avatar of wingsfan19

    IeatCows wrote:
    A class act Adele.Wish she had graced us with more filmography.And yes she can bring me up a 6pack of Olympia beer to my dark apartment any day!

    She wouldn’t even need the beer, man!

  4. Avatar of French


    And we wouldn’t even need an apartment! Right there where Harry gets the mail would do just fine.

    I like that she is involved with a group to promote Asians in entertainment- teaching, encouraging, and promoting.

  5. j smith’s avatar

    You have to love the 70s. Clint has had many remarkable ladies in his films but none any sexier than Adele

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19


    Sorry mate, I like more privacy than that! And what’s with this we? I might share my beer, but not Adele.

  7. Avatar of French

    Ha ha, point made, wingsfan….

  8. Avatar of arf

    I’d probably watched this movie a hundred times as a kid back in the 80′s and just can’t recall seeing that part it’s been so long now.

  9. Avatar of MetalShogun

    At least once a year I watch all Clint Eastwood movies from Fistful of Dollars to Trouble With The Curve, and before that, always watch the 5 Dirty Harry movies in order (one per day). So I know the movie and the character, but didn’t bother learning of the actress. Interesting read, thanks.

  10. Greg’s avatar

    Shes’ a dead ringer for my “massage therapist” in her ’73 appearance in Magnum Force.