Li Bingbing 李冰冰

Li Bingbing is stunning and really should have been featured here before—thanks to Cali for pointing this out. :)

I’m sorry it’s taken a while to filter through the suggest post, but every time I look her up I get lost in some sort of Google inspired time warp where hours slip away and I wind up all sweaty with sore eyes. :P

Li Bingbing is an actress of note in both Asian and Western cinema—you can read her story here. She has appeared in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Resident Evil: Retribution and Transformers: Age of Extinction amongst a long list of credits, and looking like she does (amazing for a lady of my vintage) I’m tipping she has a long list of credits in her future. I, for one look forward to it. Thanks Cali. :)

Chinese name: 李冰冰
Pinyin: Lǐ Bīngbīng (Mandarin)
Ancestry: Jinzhong, Shanxi, China
Born: 27 February 1973
Wuchang, Heilongjiang, China
Occupation: Actress, singer
Years active: 1994–present



  1. gunnar’s avatar

    know her, don’t like her.

  2. Avatar of The-Dean

    Just fantastic. Surprised she hasn’t been featured before.

  3. Avatar of H.D.30-06

    The 5th pic from the bottom is from the movie The forbidden Kingdom. She is amazingly stunning and an equally great actress in my opinion. I am also surprised she hasn’t beeb featured here before.

  4. Avatar of smellykev

    I’m sorry Bingbing. You are a very pretty lady, but i just can’t be with a women who makes me think i have a text message every time somebody says your name……

  5. Avatar of daznlover

    She’s a beauty, looks 10 years younger at least.
    Those movies are worth watching? Or just her? :)

  6. Avatar of Luke

    daznlover wrote:
    Those movies are worth watching? Or just her?

    Having just shelled out $19 each for me and the Mrs to see John Wick, perhaps the worst film ever made, I find it hard to recommend anything Keanu does. I do recall enjoying 47 Ronin though.

  7. Avatar of Basho

    stunning photos.

  8. Avatar of The-Dean


    While I have never seen John Wick, I agree Keanu is one wooden actor. I do my best to avoid his movies.

  9. Avatar of arf

    one wooden actor! That made me crack up with laughter because I have never ever been a Keanu fan either.

  10. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Lovely lady! Stunning is correct. Beautiful….perfect.

  11. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I never quite understood his appeal either. Can’t act AND no real charisma.

    On the other hand, I can certainly understand Li Bingbing’s appeal. I predict that she’ll still be hot 20 year’s from now.

  12. mistaken’s avatar

    I believe the last sixth photo (the one with the red bed sheets) is the wrong BingBing. The one in the photo looks more like Fan BingBing 范冰冰 to me.

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    Thanks, I will remove it.