Arisa Misato 美里有紗

Arisa Misato is a JAV idol with a pretty impressive pair of lungs. :D

I found her looking around for a Graphis girl to post and while these pics aren’t all Graphis quality, they do capture her finer points.



  1. Avatar of adcmelb

    The lovely ARISA is also JAV star. Cute chick great body and some nice movies.

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Can you give us a link?

  3. Avatar of IeatCows

    First picture is stunning! Second wants me to refer her to my dentist. As the set goes on I admire the natural fun bags but a bit too chunky for my taste. Onward to the next Siren!

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Thanks! I’ll update the post.

  5. j smith’s avatar

    She has very beautiful eyes, nice lips and a pretty little nose. her teeth, well, they are of local flavor. Granted a stiff breeze would not blow her away, however, the weight seems to be in all of the right places.

  6. Avatar of smellykev

    Loving the slight peek of fur in the 4th pic. Very very nice.

    Ieatcows, you think she is CHUNKY???? If it wasn’t for your cool username, I’d be drawing horrible insulting things about you (using stick figures in suggestive poses) on toilet cubicle walls.

  7. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Not the prettiest JAV idol, but she is certainly cute enough. Very well proportioned.

  8. Avatar of IeatCows


    Just for my taste friend :) I have always gravitated to those who are a bit more toned. Just make sure those stick figures are inside a gym! lol

  9. Avatar of TivoMan

    I’m with IeatCows – both in food intake and taste in women.

  10. gunnar’s avatar

    she is sexy but i don’t like the nose; basically i don’t feel attracted to her face at all

  11. Avatar of arf

    The word suckle just came to mind. They’re so lovely.

  12. JHFrank’s avatar

    She is another of my favs! What a nice set of nipples!