Sabrina Xunuo 许诺

Sabrina is XiuRen girl N00243, a testament to the number of sexy ladies these guys find…

She’s so hot I tried to feature her twice, and wouldn’t dismiss the chances of a third effort in the near future. I have edited the photos in this post to add in the better ones from post 2 :)

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  1. Avatar of daznlover

    Xiamen, just found out that is located opposite the island of Taiwan, not bad.

    Luke, great find! Sabrina is a smart girl and she looks very pretty in the casual photos of her blog, during her trips (light makeup and very attractive).

  2. Avatar of French

    This woman is HOT! Wow! That first pic is stunning.

    I am moving to China.

    Read her rep services….she has a nice business going.

  3. Avatar of Luke

    This one went up quickly, I have since found there is quite a few more pics about HERE Or HERE for example.

    A Chinese speaker/reader would really be useful ;)

  4. Avatar of Bourbaki

    The xiuren link and Luke’s shzx sites have malware…just sayin…

  5. j smith’s avatar

    She’s great!! She is very sexy in the chinese girl next door type of way. Nice camel toe and nip slip pics. (hope everything i wrote is PC)

  6. Avatar of Luke


    Probably explains my PC issues :(

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Doesn’t every free adult site apart from this one have malware these days? It’s a jungle out there—I use a Mac so I don’t have to worry. ;)

  8. Avatar of wingsfan19

    She would be a terrible tour guide — I wouldn’t learn a damn thing!

  9. Raconnection’s avatar

    She could guide my tool … Umm … tour any day and any where she desired!!

  10. gunnar’s avatar

    the chinese name you found cracked me up…
    香 means perfumed, fragrant; 乳 means, well, boobs, and milk too (yes…) and 大 means big. if the order was correct, which it is not, it would mean “big perfumed boobs”, and i strongly doubt this would be a nickname she gave herself, so this is either a joke, or a mistake…

    on topic, she is sexy, yeah, like a few millions of others…

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Can you find a correct name for her?

  12. gunnar’s avatar

    the “more pics” link says: 许诺Sabrina. 许诺 is read Xu Nuo, which is a totally valid name, meaning she would be Sabrina Xu in english. but fr some reason she uses 许诺Sabrina everywhere, and on baidu it gives many results related to her. so i suggest : “Sabrina Xu Nuo- 许诺Sabrina” as the title. with the chinese like this, it will do SEO wonder, and you can give me some of the revenues for the clicks, dear doc!

  13. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    How did you get the info on Sabrina’s Chinese name? Are you happy to go with what gunnar says?

  14. Avatar of Luke

    more than happy to go with Gunnar, the Chinese sites are a real crap shoot for me. The language and as Bourbaki pointed out the continual pop up ads make getting any info pretty laborious. I did this one all via iPhone so it was difficult to cobble together.

    Gunnar if you would be willing to help in future your expertise would be invaluable. PM me if you’re interested.

    Cheers, Luke

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Would you like to be our new Chinese correspondent? Unfortunately meh1001 has a lot of trouble with internet access these days.

  16. gunnar’s avatar

    i would love to, but i don’t have a lot of free time, so if it’s not too time demanding,no problem!
    btw the surname “tang”is still in the title and i didn’t notice it anywhere in these chinese pages. where did you get it from? from what i gathered, 许 the first character seems to be her family name (real or artist name, whatever), and it is pronounced Xu.

  17. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Sabrina Tang is the name she uses on her tour guide page—unless that actually isn’t her! Where did you get this info from from Luke?

    Regarding posting, there’s no set schedule or anything—you just post when you feel like it, and I’ll decide when to publish it. I’ll get back to you next week with further instructions.

  18. Avatar of Luke

    Dr. Lee,

    I will have to try and retrace my steps, generally by following back the names English/Chinese. I think there was a Baidu page or something.

    Unfortunately I delete everything as I go, scorched earth policy :(