Yuka Hirata 平田 裕香

Yuka Hirata is an old school Gravure idol with a couple of really nice features…

She has appeared on Japanese TV and film in some Super Sentai productions, but it is her Gravure work that is my main interest. She has a nice soft body and favours cute photos where she shows off her awesome tits. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to do nude shots but I think those bad boys may benefit from the support offered by the thin piece of fabric, even if they are busting out! Check out some more pics here and here.

City/State: Hokkaido
Birth Date: y:1983 m:9 d:15
Blood Type: A
Weight (kg): 47
Height (cm): 158
Measurements (cm): B:88 W:60 H:85

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  1. Avatar of adcmelb

    She is a cutie Spectacular body

  2. Avatar of arf

    Agree…very nice indeed.

  3. Avatar of Basho

    Eeee gads. I love Japan. Beautiful.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    The first photo hooked me and the rest didn’t disappoint.