VietJetAir In Trouble Again

VietJetAir—who were previously fined $1000 for an unauthorised bikini show—are not only still at it, but have now stirred up controversy for leaked photos featuring Viet supermodel (and the love of French‘s life) Ngọc Trinh. (I have to admit that she’s a favourite of mine too, and seemingly several of our readers as well.) Yes, they actually had the nerve to do a promotional shoot featuring models in bikinis in the airline’s colours—how outrageous! VietJetAir denies that the photos are official (or at least not yet—they say they haven’t yet decided if they’ll use them), or that the leakage of them was a publicity stunt.



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    ok, who’s the one on the left (pic #1 and 2)? you need to do a post on all of them. if she’s ngoc then let me just say, My bad, in advance.

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    ok, I just verified for myself and she’s not ngoc. hate to tell you all this, but that one on the left is hotter than ngoc. I’m sure some of you will agree.

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    While I don’t agree she’s hotter than Ngọc, I agree she is very hot and worthy of her own post. Unfortunately I have no idea what her name is though. Can anyone help with this?

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    The one on the left is Linh Chi. Here are some of her pics before she got a boob job. IMO, this boob job is kind of a downgrade.

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    Thanks B.cap! The pics you link to are a treat for an áo dài lover like me.

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    No problem, Dr. Lee!
    FYI, Linh is her middle name, and Chi is her first name. People just call her Linh Chi.
    Likewise, Ngoc Trinh (Ngọc Trinh) is the middle one in the first 2 pics. Ngoc is her middle name, and Trinh is her first name.

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    I actually do agree although I think her body is not as good, it is a marginal thing and both are lovely.

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    Yes, it is customary amongst Vietnamese to use their middle name as their given name—their surname traditionally comes first, but many of them have adopted the western standard of given name/surname, particularly those in the entertainment industry. Their other name is kind of like a prefix, normally only used in formal situations.

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    thank you, b.cap. those pics of chi make her even hotter in my book. it’s the “more wholesome” look of hers. she really needs her own post.

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    Thank you for posting, Doc. They are all pretty women! Then again many flight attendants of Asian-based airlines seem to be on the pretty side. If I weren’t such a serial monogamist (i.e.- a complete idiot), I’d have many a story to tell about the flight attendants on All Nippon Airways- they are gorgeous and I usually fly them (the airline, not the ladies) into Ho Chi Minh city.

    The VietJet commercial looks to have been filmed in the Cam Ranh International airport, just outside of Nha Trang (paradise, in my opinion). I have been to Cam Ranh and Nha Trang many times, and they are always growing. Cam Ranh is not where the tourists go- so it is a great place for westerners to see some real Vietnam and freak out the locals when you walk into a coffee shop.

    Back to Ngọc, she is just so beautiful to look at. She is natural, a huge success, and a woman who always mentions family in her interviews. I think she is the definition of an Asian Siren. And she wears the áo dài VERY well.

    Speaking of the áo dài, I too am a lover of this traditional dress. No skin shows, but it is so feminine and empowering.

    There are weddings every single day in Vietnam. Walk around, and you will run into 3 or 4 bridal parties a day. I must have 200 pictures of random beautiful women wearing the áo dài- they were kind enough to pose for me.

    Back to Ngọc Trinh….her picture always brings a smile to my face. Thank you so much, Doc, for that find back in May of 2013….:)

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    Note from the Doc: this comment was highly insulting gunnar, and you’ve posted borderline stuff before. Once more and you’re banned.

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    There are plenty of websites created for 15 year old boys where you can vote “Who is hotter- the girl on the left or the girl on the right?” You can also leave nasty comments.

    This isn’t that site. Please don’t ruin it.

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    We need this airline in the US! I’d buy an annual pass!!!

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    what did i write which was that bad? this is scary because i don’t even remember commenting….

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    I can only assume you must have been drunk at the time or something—you stated the same opinion as you did in Linh’s thread, but in a very nasty and disrespectful way. Please be more careful in future.

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    In my opinion, Linh Chi just ‘steals’ the first two pics. She’s stunning!
    Kudos for VietJetAir, gotta check them next time I fly to asia… :)

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    Just read an article that stated that the Chairwoman of Vietjet Air is the first female billionaire in Southeast Asia.

    She’s rather MILFy as well, IMHO:

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    It’s funny as much heat as these type of ventures cop from vocal PC groups they always seem to do well.