Pan Jiao Jiao 潘娇娇

Pan Jiao Jiao is a sexy Chinese model who has obviously had some enhancements, but she has enough photos to prove that it’s not all photoshop, and yes they are glorious…

Like many Chinese girls there are copious amounts of Xiuren or MOKO style pictures, but wait there’s more! Here we get some nude shots, or at least tasteful, partial nude. So without further ado, the pics, and click here for more…

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  1. Avatar of arf

    So creamy and sexy and delicious.

  2. gunnar’s avatar

    nice body and all, but she was probably much prettier before the nose job. even if the nose was ugly. these fake noses they fabricate here in china are WAY behind anything made in korea. even if korean surgeons often fabricate some horrid pieces of nasal appendages.

    Luke: the norm in pinyin for name transcriptions is to put the given name in one word, i.e.: Pan Jiaojiao.

  3. john smith’s avatar

    Sunny Beach this is a fantastic woman. Splendid curves and a delectable tush. I was on pic 19 before I noticed her nose job:)

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    A little too much nostril showing, but she is still very pretty and I love her body.

  5. Avatar of Luke


    Thanks it’s a struggle deciphering anything from the Chinese sites. I should enlist your help.

    Couldn’t agree more on the noses, they are so obviously fake it becomes a distraction.

  6. AmericanArsenal’s avatar

    Too much attention in these shots on her ‘boobs’, not enough on her ‘bum’. Great legs, however.

  7. o'grady’s avatar

    I see what you’re all saying about the nose. I never understood why women get a nose job and allow the doctor to make it obviously fake. most doctors can make it look natural but I guess it’s the same for the boobs when they’re obviously too big for the woman’s body. but on the other hand, let me see a show of hands, who would kick pan jiaojiao out of bed because of her nose? ha, that’s what I thought.

  8. Avatar of daznlover

    What nose? I wasn’t obviously paying attention at her nose… ;-)
    I checked her breasts and her glorious butt! :)
    And the splits, that’s awesome. I guess that isn’t photoshop, I love a flexible girl.

  9. Nik2’s avatar

    Impossibly beautiful & very flexible. Great face; long legs, lush hair & nice tatas. Since there are few takers on account of her nose, I will claim her as mine.

  10. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    I love her beautiful, white skin. Maybe some retouching is at work, but it is remarkably uniform, smooth, and milky… Boobs are perfect–there’s no sense in boob jobs done medium, go for juicy.