Linh Chi

Yesterday’s VietJetAir post reacquainted us with the lovely Ngọc Trinh, amongst a host of other beauties, one of whom was Linh Chi

…who was identified by B.cap. The question posed by O’Grady was if in fact Linh was actually more lovely than Ngọc? Well in the interest of coming to a definitive conclusion, here are some pics for your consideration (áo dài lovers like the Doc may want to check out these pics too)…



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    As Luke has invited the comparison, I will allow readers to state their preference, but I will not allow readers to post insulting or denigrating comments on either model. You have been warned.

    For the record, I think Ngọc has a better body and is cuter, but for my taste I think this girl may have been prettier before she had any facial surgery. However, I find her nose job and chin job distracting unfortunately.

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    3rd picture down….I must tell these two women about how good a French sandwich can be!

    She is stunning. Two Viet hotties in a row- thank you.

    Once Ngoc and I are married, we will look at these posts fondly.

    All kidding aside- the red áo dài pics are darn near perfect.

  3. Avatar of Luke

    I’m in Linh’s camp, Ngọc wins bodywise but I’m a sucker for a pretty face and for me Linh is cuter. The chin I do find distracting in some shots.

    I didn’t take the time to decipher the pages relating to her as they were all in Vietnamese but I think she is a TV star as well as a model. Both ladies seem quite famous understandably.

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    I’m going to pick Ngoc, but I think the issue needs a closer look. Perhaps even a hands-on approach.

  5. o'grady’s avatar

    luke, you the man for posting her that quickly. I still think she’s hotter than ngoc but ngoc is still a hotty in her own right. and dang it, I don’t notice the facial surgery until after you guys mention it. I’m sometimes naive and think they actually were born looking like that (except for the boob jobs – those I’m an expert on).

    so I have a suggestion. since we all seem to get hot under the collar for Vietnam women we should set up an AS trip to Vietnam. leave the wives/gf’s at home and let’s roll.

  6. J.Smith’s avatar

    Im bad with difficult choices so I’ll take two of each ;)

  7. o'grady’s avatar

    sorry about the typo above. I intended to write, viet women, but auto correct was “helping” me out. so I took a look at ngoc’s post from a year ago. doc, you’re right, she has an amazing body.

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    One of each for me too.

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    Luke wrote:
    I’m in Linh’s camp, Ngọc wins bodywise but I’m a sucker for a pretty face and for me Linh is cuter. The chin I do find distracting in some shots.

    Same here. Ngoc’s body is marginally more spectacular. Also, Ngoc has skin a shade whiter than Linh, which I dig. Linh’s look in the photos isn’t uniform, but in some of them I think she’s beautiful.

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    arf wrote:
    One of each for me too.

    Not to be greedy, but I’ll take three of each.

    In less than a week later, be sure to look for me in the Las Vegas Review Journal’s obituaries.

  11. gunnar’s avatar

    i’m all for linh too! the other one has a face i don’t like, so i’ll leave her to the frenchman…

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    The first photograph looks like a Playboy cover. Perfect. I think this gal is spectacular and wish her all the best. Matt

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    Chin? Nose? What are you guys talking about?
    Being too analytical… :-P
    Linh Chi is gorgeous, specially when she smiles. I prefer her, specially the face.

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    BTS of a photoshot of Linh Chi


    enjoy :)

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    Thanks! In this video I actually do find her prettier than Ngọc—and the vast majority of other girls for that matter! Damn sexy too—very nice!