Lee Da Hee 이다희

No one does Race Queens better than the South Koreans, and Lee Da Hee fills out the sexy outfits just fine.

Not just a girl who props up the latest automobiles, Lee Da Hee also has an extensive list of acting credits to her name. In fact I have spent a bit of time wondering if there were in fact two separate Lees I was mixing up, as the body shape and photo style vary quite a lot. Anyway here she is, the lovely Lee Da Hee.

Name: Lee Da-Hee
Hangul: 이다희
Birthdate: March 15, 1985
Birthplace: South Korea
Height: 174cm


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  1. Avatar of TivoMan

    Very pretty. Koreans fill that niche quite nicely.

  2. Avatar of MrJasonLOL

    Ah I always find Koreans have great legs… 5th pic down is gorgeous!

  3. Avatar of ssn

    She is very beautiful. A credit to the form. {big bow}

  4. john smith’s avatar

    I love the Korean look, kpop race queen ect… I know alot of it is from surgery but I just dont care;)

  5. andi’s avatar

    pre / post plastic surgery look quite different

  6. Avatar of arf

    Agree…great legs.

  7. gunnar’s avatar

    nice body and all, but the cheap nose job is a bit of a turn off. however from the look of her face, she was probably not very pretty before the first surgery (~15yo for girls in korea).

  8. Avatar of daznlover

    I like her a lot more in the shots just next to the cars. Very hot there.
    PIc #3, she’s got the GAP. :)

  9. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    Koreans are my weak spot. There’s nothing not to like about this one, very hot. I love the fit, lithe body–pic #3 is my favorite too: trim, little hips covered in those dinky shorts featuring those beautiful legs.

  10. mark’s avatar

    Lee Da Hee is quite possibly the hottest girl who ever lived! Wow!