JAV Idol Mana Aoki Makes the Cover of Basic Mathmatics

Earlier this month, Thai publishing company Muangthai Book released a public school math textbook featuring a shot of JAV Idol Mana Aoki as their “cover girl.” The photo is originally from the promo shoot for Costume Play Working Girl, in which Miss Aoki (naturally) stars as the costume play working girl. The authors’ names on the above image of the cover, that’s been floating around the net to accompany this story, have been blurred out to protect the embarrassed.

Of course, Muangthai Book didn’t know who Miss Aoki was when her photo was found on the net and selected by one of their employees, but when they found out, they stopped publication of the book until a new cover is chosen. As for the reported 3,000 copies that had been released, it’s a good bet that they’re already collectors’ items, so some astute math students and teachers will probably hang on to theirs, despite a recall.

This has been all over the net for a couple of weeks now, so for more details, a simple Google search will take you to many other articles covering this, such as this one at Rocket News 24.




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    This must have been one hell of a career boost for her!

  2. Avatar of pseacraft

    humm, I’ll have to have a closer look at my kids school books now.

  3. J.Smith’s avatar

    Lets make learning fun :)

  4. JB’s avatar

    Serves them right…stealing a copyrighted picture

  5. J.Smith’s avatar

    Oh by the way, who is the educator that recognized Mana Aoki?

  6. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    You can’t make this stuff up! How come I’m not surprised it was a Thai publisher?….


    Exactly. A shoddily-run publisher puts a copyrighted picture of a porn star on a children’s text book–all in a day’s work. Welcome to the Land of Smiles!

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    What I find interesting about this is that none of the people on the cover are Thai.

  8. CEC’s avatar


    It seem that the first one who posted the true identity of “Miss Basic Mathmetics” was Twitter user T3Thee with this Tweet on September 3rd.

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    “So, how did you know she was a JAV Idol?”

    “Hummina, hummina, hummina” “Oh, right! I was using Stumbleupon and just happened to stumble upon her picture.”

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    It appears most of your comment has gone missing. :)