Kim Pham

Bourbaki alerted us to the story of Kim Pham earlier in the year. While it is a step away from the usual post I think it is an opportunity for a community service announcement that holds true no matter what part of the world you call home.

Kim lost her life in tragic circumstances, the victim of a violent altercation. A brawl outside Santa Ana nightspot the Crosby escalated to a point that cannot be justified, violence as a response/solution NEVER can. Not only did it cost the life of a beautiful young lady, but the perpetrators who have children have recently been found guilty and sent to jail. The repercussions of senseless violence are scarring for those involved and those caught up indirectly.

Kim was described by her friends as a bubbly, high-achieving woman and hoped to have a career in journalism. She was a small lady and was attacked by multiple assailants. Bystanders took video footage of the incident but no one managed to break it up before the tragic end. Stories vary about what sparked the incident from an interrupted photograph or an incidental bump, and to who was the antagonist but does it really matter? But how frigging ridiculous. Grow a brain people, these things should never happen. I hope that people can learn and take some positives out of such a sad loss, and that you all will take care of yourselves and those around you when out and about.

R.I.P. Kim, my heart goes out to your loved ones!



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    Onward journey Kim Pham. Thoughts to your friends and family

  2. Steve’s avatar

    I live quite close to where this happened, great sadness all around. Poor Kim :( An accidental bump to a hispanic gang member that felt “dissed” was the cause of beautiful Kim’s death. Gang/Ghetto mentality kills countless people in this country and unfortunately , Kim was one of the victims.

  3. Avatar of French

    This story had me in tears:

    My mother used to always tell me to be careful whom you choose as friends.

    Steve, as I understand it, it was an accidental bump into Kim that started this. The prosecutor stated that Kim threw the first punch…

    I am not saying that she deserved any of this- but the lesson here is to not be friends with thugs and losers, because instead of getting you out of situations, they egg you on and then they run.

    So sad, because she really seemed to be a unique and caring individual. RIP

  4. o'grady’s avatar

    in the 80′s a young actress, Theresa Saldana, was brutally stabbed 27 times in broad daylight while dozens of people just stood by and did nothing. I’m not sure what it is about human nature but we rarely get involved, especially if there’s a bunch of people around doing nothing. this tragedy could have been prevented if only the lookie loos would have done less looking and more helping.

    it’s the same thing when people slow down to look at the scene of an accident. are you going to stop and help, or do you just want to see if someone’s bleeding? if you’re not helping your part of the problem not the solution. speed up and drive away already.

    French, that article really shed light on how sad that whole event really was.

  5. wknight40’s avatar

    Gang members, no way out of their mentality. Admire one the girlfriends and they get mad and want to kill you. Explain that you were just admiring but not interested as she is attached or you are and they still want to kill you.

    Sad for this young beautiful lady.

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    3 lifes ruined and no one should die so young.

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    Sentencing is scheduled for Sept 12…
    Since then I bought taser and pepper spray…never know ! Nowhere’s safe nowadays.
    RIP Kim