Isabella Leong 梁洛施

Luisa Isabella Nolasco da Silva, better known as Isabella Leong (Leung), is an actress/singer from Macau based in Hong Kong. More importantly she was recommended by Cali who said “PLEASEE!”, and good manners get you everywhere—plus he has fine taste in Asian women.

The positive side is Isabella is absolutely stunning, she has three kids to Richard Li (so I know she puts out) and has separated from the Chinese billionaire, so is probably sitting on a healthy bank account. The negative if there is one is that most of the pictures I found via Google were either head shots or 3/4 body shots, which were very nice but not very revealing.

Isabella began her career in the public eye as a singer but moved into acting, notably with roles in The Mummy 3 (2008) and Spider Lilies (2007), where she played a lesbian opposite Rainy Yang. While she looks great in photos I get the impression she would be even better in person. Great work Cali :)

Date of Birth: 23 June, 1988
Place of Birth: Macau
Origin: Hong Kong
Occupation: Actress, Singer
Other Names: Liang Luoshi, Liang Luo-Shi, Leong Lok-Sze, Leung Lok-Si,
Isabella Leong Lok-Sze, Isabella Leung Lok-Si, Isabella Liang




  1. Avatar of rex

    Very nice I like her so sexy.jmho

  2. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    A very pretty girl!

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Surprised at the lack of response to this one. Where is everybody today?

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    She’s definitely pretty, she reminds of a Chinese Penelope Cruz. Her body is quite unremarkable, though (not bad, just unremarkable).

  5. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Dr. Lee,

    Perhaps others have taken the same road as me. Since anything other than glowing comments are denigrated, why bother? When I see a SIREN, I’ll state that. Nothing more.

  6. Avatar of French

    She is attractive- I have seen her in something before.

    Very funny “Personal Life” section in wiki- the writer must be a soul-less, money-obsessed score keeper.

  7. Avatar of Luke


    There is sometimes a fairly mercenary approach to marriage that isn’t hidden at all. It is bizarre and somewhat distasteful to my senses but I guess it is a cultural difference.

  8. gunnar’s avatar

    quite pretty, cute face and all, but not incredibly sexy in my eyes.

  9. Avatar of French

    Luke, you are correct….it is a cultural thing that I keep on forgetting to my detriment. When I am asked about my education, job, and income- they are not being “rude”, they are sizing me up.

    Here in the USA, I sometimes see that thought process carried over.

  10. Avatar of TivoMan

    Sorry for posting so late – some of us actually DO go out on Friday nights! :)

    She’s hot and very deserving of a fat bank account and a life of leisure if she so desires.

  11. cali’s avatar

    Thankyou :)