Park Ji-yoon on SNL Korea

If you’ve seen the 2008 US Saturday Night Live skit with Beyoncé, that spoofs the making of her “Single Ladies” music video, then this March 2014 SNL Korea ripoff, with singer Park Ji-yoon and her 2000 “Coming-of-Age Ceremony” (aka “Adult Ceremony”) dance number getting the same treatment, doesn’t need any translation.

If you prefer not to endure the male comics’ foolishness in this sketch, skip ahead to 5:40, after some real backdancers come out and the 32 year-old siren shows she’s still got the moves to what is arguably her signature song and dance routine. See more at her official website.



  1. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Even without translation I’m going on an educated guess that this sketch is about as unfunny as 95% of SNL bits are here in the US.

    Although skinnier than my AS archetype, I’ve always thought Park Ji-yoon was a cutie. I’ve got about 4 or 5 versions of “Adult Ceremony” on my pc. It’s a catchy tune and I like the choreography. Now, if I only knew what the Hell she was singing about…

    (music starts at 1:33)

  2. Avatar of TivoMan

    You can watch this YouTube clip and sing along while reading the translated lyrics in English.