Pamelyn Chee 齐騛

Kimo suggested we have a look at Pamelyn Chee, so here we go…

…Pamelyn Chee says “I’m three parts boy, one part woman”—I hope those three parts aren’t a twig and berries!

Born in Singapore and raised in New York she has an impressive list of TV credits, perhaps most notably in HBO’s Serangoon Road. She apparently has a voice that sounds like a man’s and has had some ass-kicking roles including the hit action drama Point of Entry. I haven’t seen it but the title sure does sound intriguing. Pamelyn has been in Singapore’s version of FHM but aside from a tiny but very sexy cover I haven’t been able to find other pics. I’m sure one of you can help!

Chinese name: 齊騛 (traditional) 齐騛 (simplified)
Pinyin: Qǐ Fēi (Mandarin)
Born: Singapore
Occupation: Actress
Height: 5’8″ (1.73m)
Weight: 115lbs




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    6th image with the text in the bottom right corner ‘’ is not a photo of Pamelyn Chee. That is a photo of Taiwaness actress Yip Chuen-Chan.

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    Thanks, my mistake. I have removed the offending image :)

    they look very similar.

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    as a singaporean, pamelyn chee would be the person i expect to see on this site lol! i also wish to point out a few things. her voice does not sound like a man and point of entry has her starring as a immigration officer investigating special cases. the show ain’t that bad.

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    Nice, but I think she looks better in the candids than she does in the pro shot images.

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    That’s a man, baby!!