Zhang Yuqi 张雨绮/ 張雨綺

Kitty Zhang Yuqi is a Chinese actress who came to attention in Stephen Chow’s Hong Kong film CJ7 in 2007.

I thought Kitty Zhang Yuqi had been featured before, but I could not find the entry. Besides, she is so gorgeous she deserves a revisit anyway. A favourite of Stephen Chow’s, he cast her after seeing her in a Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. She has a look of elegance and grace that comes through in all her pictures making her a favourite of fashion magazines as well. Hopefully she moves into western cinema soon.

Chinese name: 張雨綺 (traditional)
Chinese name: 张雨绮 (simplified)
Pinyin: Zhāng Yǔqǐ (Mandarin)
Birth name: Zhang Yuqi
Born: 8 August 1986 Shandong, China
Other name(s): Kitty Zhang
Occupation: actress
Years active: 2007 – present




  1. David’s avatar

    Beyond hot! A true Asian Siren.

  2. Avatar of The-Dean

    If she has been featured before, can we feature her a third time? Just beautiful!

  3. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Just gorgeous.

  4. Avatar of Tbone

    very tasty looking!

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    Almost unbelievably hot. Surely it’s impossible not to like Zhang Yuqi?

    Gorgeous all over

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    Finger lickin good

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    John Smith,

    Beat me to the pun(ch)!!

  8. Avatar of French

    I like her.

    Director (and sometimes actor) Stephen Chow is on record saying he finds women with slightly crossed eyes irresistible- it’s his “type”. So anytime Chow hires a woman, I look at the eyes.

    Ever so slightly, in some photos, I see it. She is hot. Perfect philtrum and she nailed- I mean NAILED her “Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys” photo above.

    ….and Kung Fu Hustle was a GREAT movie! (this is fact and beyond question :) )

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    quite pretty but not really sexy enough.

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    Yes, Yes, Yes, Siren, Yes!

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    Beautiful! Nice features. Looks like a classy gal.

  13. Seoul Music’s avatar

    And her husband was busted last year for having sex with prostitutes… (illegal in China.) OK he got a threesome, but still…