Yuan Yuan 圆圆

Asian Sirens Airways flight ASA150 is now boarding at gate 15. Please make your way to the boarding gate now! Please have your passport ready for boarding, the gate will close in 10 minutes.

This is your captain speaking, Captain Ahab, I mean meh1001. I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to today’s flight to the land of Asian Sirens.

Our estimated flight time is 2 hours 7 minutes … so buckle in and make yourself comfortable. The weather at our destination is … a very pleasant 27 degrees celsius … errrrr bright skies and good sunshine … So all the ladies will be wearing bikinis and … some of them will not be wearing … anything at all. Except … earrings.

I’d like to introduce to you our newest … member of the cabin crew. Yuan yuan (圆圆), who flies with us for the … first time today and will be … taking off her clothes for your pleasure. A natural beauty with an … infectious smile she will be happy to serve … light refreshments and … snacks to help make your flight comfortable and … pleasant.

We hope you enjoy your .. uhhhh … flight with … [Hey You! Co-thingy-guy! Who am I flying with again?] … [What, those jokers?] … [Yeah, I guess. The trolley Dolley's are sure hot though] … ASA Airways.

Other destinations for ASA Airways, include here, here.

What can I say? I just love a girl in (and mostly out of) uniform!



  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Still really enjoy your write-ups meh—well done. :)

  2. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Coffee, tea or her? Easy choice.

  3. Avatar of The-Dean

    Pretty damn cute. Especially when you consider the lack of Photoshop and other high-end photographic tricks. Just a natural, slim beauty.

    Wish there were more photo sets of Yuan.

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Attractive but well down the totem pole in terms of siren-ess for me.

  5. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Frankly I see more attractive airline stewardess on just about every Chinese airline.

  6. Avatar of The-Dean


    Were they nude?

  7. MaJieMao’s avatar


    Indeed none of them were while we were on the plane :-)

  8. John Smith’s avatar

    I love her grin esp. in pic 6, her great backside helps to.

  9. gunnar’s avatar

    very average… and very unbooby too…