Ruriko Kojima 小島瑠璃子

Ruriko Kojima cute, cheeky, sexy and a little bit naughty…

Ruriko appears on Japanese TV in some comedy and variety shows. She seems to do a few with Tomomi Itano, who we have featured before. She seems to have a good sense of humour and gets put in various predicaments that only Japanese game shows could get away with. Thankfully she also does some modelling work, which while on the safer side is pretty nice nonetheless.

Date of birth: 1993 December 23
Hometown: Japan – Chiba
Blood type: O type
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 156cm
Measurements: 77-57-83.5cm




  1. Alex’s avatar

    Hot and sexy. She’s a bit tomboy I presume. I love a woman like that a lot

  2. Avatar of The-Dean

    Cute as hell with a great smile. This one is right up my alley.

  3. Avatar of Tbone

    last pic nice cameltoe

  4. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Cute as a button.

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    Very cute with great proportions.

  6. John Smith’s avatar

    very cute and very hot what’s not to like.

  7. gunnar’s avatar

    what i like the least is her nose.

  8. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She is cute, but just not a mature enough woman for my taste.

  9. Avatar of Bourbaki

    She is awesome !

  10. Avatar of HidyHo

    With that face and a smile, she is definitely my type!!!