Miss Thai Thai Grabs the Green in the 3Dx Evo

Here we have model and car enthusiast Nancy Elisabeth, aka Miss Thai Thai, going for a spin in a 900 horsepower Mitsubishi 3Dx Evo. In the second half of this video, Nancy’s given a “100 before 100″ challenge, in which she has to grab a 100 dollar bill off the dashboard before the car hits 100 MPH. I wasn’t surprised to see that even this ride’s remarkable torque wasn’t enough to keep this girl from grabbing that greenback. See more of Nancy at her Facebook fan page and if you hurry, you can own the very car she rode in.*

*Sorry, the car sold before this posted.




  1. John Smith’s avatar

    I have a new favorite race queen from nebraska,

  2. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I like the car!!! Oh, I like Miss Thai Thai, too.

  3. Avatar of ......

    She’s just alright for me. Although watching her almost orgasm while in that car wasn’t bad…

  4. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Fine enough for me!

  5. Avatar of Luke

    They deployed the funbags rather than the airbags! Very nice.
    FWIW I would have got the $$ too I reckon :)

  6. Avatar of wingsfan19

    I sure hope my son never sees this video! I think he’s dangerous enough with his unmodified Civic.

    I also sure hope my wife never sees this video, she’s pretty dangerous as well.

    Miss Thai Thai looks mighty fine to me.

  7. Avatar of Basho

    Very cool lady. Well done Miss Thai Thai.

  8. John Smith’s avatar


    lol Luke, important things first.

  9. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Lovely girl, kind of weird just parading her around in a bra.

    On another note, why does Mitsubishi makes so of the crappiest cars ever, when they have the greatest rally car ever in the EVO, which began production in 1992?

  10. CEC’s avatar


    Yeah, that is odd. If it was to show off her boobs, you’d think a bikini top would have been in order, but this just makes you wonder; “what happened to her shirt?”

  11. Avatar of wingsfan19


    I think it was probably unplanned.

  12. Avatar of daznlover

    That’s a good idea for a fun date and a fast car. :)

    But she should put on the seat belt, that would get even more challenging. And safer! And legal! lol