Mang Xiong

Another hottie from Travis’s extensive files is Mang Xiong, an Hmong girl from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A self described “Young, motivated entrepreneur”, Mang’s professional pics are difficult to find and killed my PC once already, so we have a selection of the more readily available shots from her Twitter and Facebook for your enjoyment.




  1. IeatCows’s avatar

    I’m afraid this one does absolutely nothing for me.

  2. Avatar of French

    I like the change and variety. Not many Hmong gals on Asian Sirens. I’ve noticed many Hmong woman have that bit of “bags” under the eyes- very unique.

    …and she is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not the usual California or Minnesota places that many Hmong live in the USA.

    She is VERY active on Twitter (many posts a day).

    Nice find Travis and Master Luke.

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    I’m afraid I have to agree with Ieatcows: I do not find this girl attractive at all. But I also agree with French in that variety is the spice of life—plus obviously different Asian Sirens readers will have different taste, and we try to cater to everyone. :-)

  4. festar’s avatar

    doesn’t do it for me either.

  5. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I’ve always thought Hmong girls were generally pretty, including Mang.
    I find them to be quite short and stocky with attractive facial features.

  6. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    After Mandy, real close to a WWII Japanese airplane. :(

  7. Avatar of Romanticwarrior

    Vive la différence. Having said that, not my type.

  8. James’s avatar

    she’s just ok for me as well.

  9. Avatar of ......

    I agree with most here – she doesn’t do it for me but to each their own…

  10. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    She’s got nice high cheekbones, a beautiful nose (I don’t know why I’ve been fixating on those lately), and nice eyes–all of that comes together in an elegant look, which is her best look. And she’s posted on Twitter some nice selfies–but it all also seems dependent on makeup and pose, sometimes beautiful, others very average.

    That women can so transform with makeup and a nice angle and pose is modestly distressing to me. She’s got some before/after pics that really show that. I was looking today at Gan Lulu, and without her full makeup, and also a good pose, she’s distinctly average; but when made up she’s hot. Also like that apocryphal news story about the man who sued wife for ugly babies.

  11. Avatar of Luke

    to be fair she is getting judged on social media snaps, she did have more professional shots that were obviously more flattering.

    She had a model page at Model Mayhem that seems to be deleted, I think it may be something she has moved on from. I found them once and also a zip file that must have been infected and I’ve not been able to find them again. I think that she is quite pretty :)

  12. Avatar of ssn

    Great first picture, third. I like her.

  13. Avatar of French

    Bubalabobo wrote:
    She’s got nice high cheekbones, a beautiful nose (I don’t know why I’ve been fixating on those lately),

    Because you are wise, my internet friend….:)

    Bubalabobo wrote:

    Also like that apocryphal news story about the man who sued wife for ugly babies.

    I thought that was a fake story? That was real? Didn’t the guy look at any of her childhood pics or did she say that “there was a fire”?

  14. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen


    I think we all fixate on what appeals to us the most. For me, hair is very important. The frame, so to speak. I don’t wish to see a Rembrandt displayed in a $.99 Walmart frame. :)

    Also, I tend to fixate of B&W work. A favorite.

  15. Avatar of Travis Stroup

    You know I do not recall this young lady or how I found her. I did find a “Mang Xiong” that is now in a recently closed model mayhem, so I cannot access it to see if it is the right person. Perhaps it would be best to close this post just in case this is the wrong young lady. It would not be fair to have someone feel judged that did not put themselves out there to be judged.

  16. Avatar of Travis Stroup

    Yes, I think we should close this post and delete it. I cannot do it myself but perhaps Dr. Lee can.

  17. gunnar’s avatar

    no matter if she is the correct person or not, she’s not for me.

  18. Avatar of Luke

    Travis Stroup,

    She definitely had a model mayhem account, the pictures I did find were nice, also a thumbnail still comes up in response to certain topics on the site.

    I get the feeling she is still involved in various public work and has also done the pageant scene so I would have felt it was OK to be profiled, but I’ll leave it to Doc’s discretion of course.

  19. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Well she is very active on social media, so in theory she’s fair game. But if she asks not to be featured here, I will comply with her wishes.

  20. G’s avatar

    first picture – sort of the Hmong Keira Knightley

  21. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    Yes, that story was a fake–but her before-after looks real.

  22. Avatar of arf

    I would certainly take her out for a bite to eat…i’m thinkin Outback.