Minami Kojima 小島みなみ

Minami Kojima is another JAV idol with a sweet look, a soft, lean body and a smile that hints at a cheeky side…

Her hobbies are walking and tennis, and standing at 150cm I am guessing she is a backcourt specialist, or my lob would be getting a workout if I had the good fortune of challenging the gorgeous Minami to a set or two. With a fairly extensive body of work that is rapidly growing, let’s hope she sticks around for a while.

Birthday: 14th Dec 1992
Blood Type: A
Birth Place: Kanagawa
Height: 150cm
Measurement: B85(E-cup) W56 H83
Hobby: Walking, Tennis

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  1. Tbone’s avatar

    Two words:

    Brazilian Wax

  2. ThorZien’s avatar

    Wow, the complete package. No tats, a tight trim body, a nice rack and a great bum. Sure, a wax job would be nice, but in Minami’s case – I’m sure we’d all be willing to floss. I gotta go download a Japanese language tutorial.

  3. Avatar of The-Dean

    Just fabulous! A nice Christmas treat.

  4. Avatar of BakedZiti

    Cutie, but to trim her bush. A guy could get lost.

  5. Avatar of Elric

    Oh hell yeah!

  6. Avatar of arf

    My goodness that butt is so nice! She really is splendid.

  7. Avatar of French

    Very nice pictures, but I won’t watch the videos as I don’t want to see yet another Japanese woman making those stupid sounds. I swear they don’t have any words to say, just the usual SOUNDS OF PAIN. Gimmie a good ole American porn any day- when the pizza guy shows up to the college girl’s apartment; or the cable TV guy shows up and helps the MILF- you always know the dialogue will be bad because it was written by idiots but at least you can hear some conversation.

    That smile is cheeky!

  8. Avatar of smellykev

    In my worst fake american accent, “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about it!”

    PS, Minami, don’t listen to Tbone. I love an asian bush. Weedwackers and waxes are only required for western women.

    She appears to be leaking a cloud of gas in the 11th pic. Ahh well, i guess even pretty women get flatulence sometimes…

  9. gunnar’s avatar

    ah, another old personal favourite!

    please, guys, stop telling these girls to shave. this is asia, and japan we’re talking about. girls just don’t shave that much or even at all in that part of the world. learn to accept diversity, and this is a part of it.

    personally, i think asian girls, especially when petite, look like underage teens when cleanly shaved. and i don’t like it too much.

    also, japanese women are indeed hairy, much hairier than say chinese women, but they already trim most of their bush. yes, really. minami looks quite completely natural on this aspect though. but i quite like it, hehe…

  10. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Yeah Japanese women are indeed more hairy down below then Chinese, which means all the more to me that they need to shave down below. Besides its hygienic and cleaner looking and many Japanese girls look like little girls anyhow, so if you don’t like that look don’t like Japanese girls.

  11. gunnar’s avatar

    MaJieMao wrote:
    Besides its hygienic and cleaner looking and many Japanese girls look like little girls anyhow, so if you don’t like that look don’t like Japanese girls.

    showering is hygienic ;) if one showers at least once a day this is enough to be hygienic…
    i don’t really agree about how many japanese girls look like little girls. this is more a southeast asian thing.

  12. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Near the top of the food chain, that’s for sure. Bush, no bush is simple. It IS a renewable “resource”.

  13. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I absolutely hate the forest. I do think she is a cutie. She is too short for my liking.
    I do love the pic with her bum showing in the purple bikini!

  14. Avatar of arf

    The forest keeps you warm.

  15. Avatar of wylde8

    Nice find. I could look past the landscaping issues for a girl this cute.

  16. Juls’s avatar

    She is perfect for being a Pornstar !!! Yeahhhh

  17. Avatar of daznlover

    Mmm There’s something both curvy and fit about her, despite her petite frame.
    Great butt too, just love her wonderful body!

  18. doug’s avatar

    I just don’t get this aversion to pubic hair so many seem to have these days-women should look like women, and not little girls. I started knowing Asian women intimately in the ’70s-back then, none of the ones I knew even shaved under their arms,let alone anywhere else.

  19. Avatar of adcmelb

    For all these blokes that complain about the hairy bush ask yourself – “would you do her if she walked in the room naked?” – My guess is YES she’s cute, great curves, nice breasts and a beautiful bum.

  20. Rain’s avatar

    Ah yes! The pubes!