Lai Ying Yu (Nico Lai Siyun)

When Travis first sent me some names to feature, I quickly checked them out on Google to see what was in store. My OCD tendencies meant I have worked from top to bottom, but this was one that really captured my attention from the get-go—after all, everyone loves a good scandal….

A member of the Taiwanese group Blackie Girls 黑涩会美眉, Nico had her scandal photos ‘leaked’ in 2012. There is rumored to be 457 online, many of which can be found in the links. It is clear there are multiple photographers and she seems to be pretty happy during the shoot, although there are more intimate shots with her boyfriend out there too. Was she a body art model pre-band? Did an ex leak them? Was it a grab for attention? Whatever the case, it is hard to get much info, so I don’t know if it was a career boost or not…

English name:Nico
Chinese name: 赖滢羽 Lai Yingyu
Original name: 赖思澐 Lai Si Yun
Nickname: 武媚娘 Wu Mei Niang
Birthday: January 6, 1989
Birth place: Taipei, Taiwan
Nationality: Taiwan Han Chinese
Height: 160cm
Weight: 42kg
Measurements: 32C-24-32″
Star signs: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Education: Graduated from Zhuangjing Professional High School
Interest: Dancing, singing
Occupation: Taiwanese model, artist

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  1. Tbone’s avatar

    Oh god, so hot both in ‘heavy’ makeup and also with less makeup.

    Great natural body, nice smile. OK, maybe not so natural, but at least tastefully done.

    That little tattoo on her hip is also nice, in terms of it seems as if Asian women in Asia seem to have less tattoos if at all compared to Asian American women.

    Sadly, she does need a session with a nice trimmer and bic razor (or complete wax to show her beautiful peach in all its glory)

  2. Avatar of BakedZiti

    Grand slam! I know that she’s 17 in the nude photos, but I think she as am amazing set of fakies. She’s so hot I’ll overlook the silly tats.

  3. Tbone’s avatar

    Oh no, really BakedZiti?

    I hope I don’t get in trouble, didn’t know at all…

  4. Steve’s avatar

    Golden deliciousness, looks wonderful in nudes w/o makeup. She could lose the dye job on the hair though.

  5. Avatar of arf

    Oh my goodness…she’s just so WoW! No trim required for me.

  6. Avatar of French

    The first picture is especially very nice. And her boob job is top notch- I like that.

  7. Avatar of Elric

    Very nice. I find myself liking the nude pics not so much for the nudity but the lack of make up, she has a naturally pretty face.

  8. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She is pretty dang good, just about a perfect tight body, just a few tats to mess it up…guess nobody is perfect.

  9. Avatar of FrankLeeSpeaking

    She is hot but the fly on the ointment is her teeth. it is in need of serious whitening

  10. MorningSun’s avatar

    Pretty hot! Anyone know how to get that 1.2GB video the article mentions?

  11. Avatar of Luke


    It’s interesting, the prevalence of dental bleaching and whitening products means there is an expectation of teeth that are often too white IMHO however yellow teeth are still off putting.
    FWIW personally I think hers are ok, it is such a warm smile how could you resist?

  12. ThorZien’s avatar

    17 and already has a boob job… I guess they start young in Taiwan. Pretty girl none the less

  13. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Wow! Pretty darn perfect…except for the tats and shaving.

  14. Avatar of arf

    It’s just so crazy how different she looks in the first five pics than in the bottom pics without makeup. As was mentioned by Steve, she really is more golden and colorful in appearance. A little more tropical looking to me which I really love.

  15. Avatar of meh1001

    I’d known about this scandal for a while. But I am not 100% convinced the girl is the same in the model shots and the nudes. She has a matching tattoo on her inner arm in exactly the right location but other discrepancies suggest she is not the same.

    Now this could just be a lot of later surgery. The nose, eyes and jawline do not match. Other body marks visible in the nudes also never appear in the model shots: This could be just photoshop though.

    Interesting none the less. And if it really is her then a serious surgery job was done. So much so that I was convinced it wasn’t the same girl.

  16. Juls’s avatar

    Pretty… Not to much to say about her…

  17. Avatar of daznlover

    I really like the tanned girl, very hot babe.
    I also like the pale girl, almost just as much.
    If I saw them both on the street, I wouldn’t say they are the same. Is it just me and meh1001?

  18. john smith’s avatar

    17 yo eh, I’m glad I didn’t look at the nudes. ;)

  19. Shin’s avatar

    No, it’s not a career boost. It was a method of achieving exposure.

    You need to understand that these nude pics were taken before she became a proper model. Since she had no recommendation, she had to take nude commissions to compete with other more established models in China/Taiwan. If she did well in the nudes and the photographers with connections find her to have potential, they’ll share the pics with the top dogs of the industry.

    This particular nude commission got her the exposure and a job with Queen’s lingerie brand. They decided on this by looking at her nudes. You can’t hire a model for a lingerie shoot if they’re shy of showing their own bodies. If you’re shy of showing your body, then you will forever get 3rd of 4th class modelling jobs, which pays pittance compared to lingerie commissions from major brands. Even Queen’s is considered a second class modelling job, and she got that job. Which made her a 2nd class model and somewhat successful. So the nudes achieved its purpose. That’s the kind of mentality in China.

    To tell the truth, it’s a normal thing in China. Look up Ruta An, Chen Jia Xin, Chen Si Qi, Chen Zi Rui, Christine Huang and many others, they got to where they were by not being shy about doing nudes. The only difference between Nico Lai Si Yun and the rest is that Nico had a shit boyfriend, who distributed her nudes to the public as payback when he was dumped.

    Just for your information, Nico has changed her face again. I prefer the face from the time she did lingerie shoots. This new face is, just not her. Her new face has not been posted anywhere but her facebook account. I guess she got harassed so much she decided she was sick of her old face or something. She no longer use the name Nico, though.

  20. Shin’s avatar


    They are the same people. The tanned pics were the pics taken pre-surgery. The fair pics were taken after surgery.