Jeon Do-yeon 전도연

Lapis‘ discerning eye has turned up the beautiful Jeon Do-yeon via the suggest post link, a fine job indeed and something you all should try…

It’s hard to believe the beautiful Jeon is 40, but a search of her credits lists a formidable body of work and many awards as testament to her talent and longevity. Jeon is respected for her ability to portray a diverse range of characters and her flexible look. The star of the Korean film industry has two films, The Way Home (2013) and Memories of the Sword (2014), due to come out soon.

She came to attention in film with a role in The Contact opposite Han Seok-gyu, before starring in You Are My Sunshine (2005), Secret Sunshine (2007) (which won the Cannes film festival Best Actress award), and The Housemaid (2010). Married with a daughter, let’s hope Jeon doesn’t stop anytime soon. Thanks Lapis :)

Name: Jeon Do-Youn
Hangul: 전도연
Birthdate: February 11, 1973
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts, Graduate School of Korea University
Height: 165 cm.
Blood Type: O

Korean Movie 멋진 하루 (My Dear Enemy. 2008) Main Trailer




  1. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Overall, she is OK, but nothing all that special to me. However, I do like photo 2 very much.

  2. Tbone’s avatar

    Beautiful MILF, has those classically beautiful Korean features.

  3. Avatar of smellykev

    I shall always love Korean women, despite (or possibly because?) their propensity to be completely unhinged and batcrap crazy.

    Agreed with Tbone… There is definitely a classic “Korean” look that is downright stunning. It’s not distinct in all Korean women, but for those who have it it is impossible to mistake them for any other nationality.

  4. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Beautiful. I love asian women because they age gracefully.

  5. Avatar of ssn

    A welcome Korean post, she is beautiful. Photos 6, 8, and 10 are especially nice. For me, Korean women are the Asian Siren standard.

  6. Avatar of arf

    Gonna have to go with Beautiful as well. A couple of them pics above were real nice.

  7. Steve’s avatar

    Just your typical ageless gorgeous east Asian beauty. Flawless skin, trim, lovely body….the very essence of what men find attractive in asian women.

  8. Avatar of French

    Agreed. A beautiful Asian woman. Make that a beautiful Asian Siren!

  9. MaJieMao’s avatar

    A classic Korean beauty at her age they don’t get much better.

    I think that applies to all women :-)

  10. Avatar of johnnypreto

    WOW !! What must she have looked like at 20 ?!!!

  11. Avatar of smellykev


    I dunno MaJieMao,

    I think Korean women can take scary-psycho to a whole other level. I lived there for 4 years, and nearly married one. Mind you, I’ve never had any experience with Vietnamese women but i have heard they can also be as crazy as a bag full of stray cats.

  12. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    This is true in my experience, but while Korean women are more aggressive, Viet women are more passive aggressive. Take your pick.

  13. gunnar’s avatar

    i usually like koreans a lot, but this one not so much.

    i’ll stick with doris.

  14. MaJieMao’s avatar

    Dr. Lee,

    I admit the Korean girls I dated were not the most “normal” but I met some Chinese girls that should be locked away, even still I ended up marrying one. :-)

  15. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yes, Chinese girls can certainly be a bit spicy too, especially Taiwanese.

  16. Avatar of The-Dean

    A fantastic post after a fairly long drought for me. Jeon is the very definition of an Asian Siren, IMO.

    And as another having some experience with Korean women, I would suggest they are very intelligent and assertive.

    Both aggressive and passive women can be batshit crazy. I didn’t find the Korean women to be more prone to craziness women than most any other. But i do understand some men like their women more passive. I tend to like mine smart and challenging.

  17. Avatar of billw1419

    I fell for this beauty when I saw “The Housemaid”. Never dated a Korean girl, but she does get a little crazy near the end of the movie, as some of you pointed out is their trait.

  18. john smith’s avatar

    A fine choice a very beautiful woman. Lol kev

  19. Avatar of daznlover

    Absolutely beautiful. Looks very sensual on the Housemaid.
    Trailer here:
    Movie has been featured in Cannes 2010.

  20. Avatar of Bubalabobo


    You are spot on. I can tell you from experience, they have a tendency to be passionate, which means equal measures of high anger, sometimes violent; that’s just a drawback of the type–caveat emptor. For that matter, they also like to laugh and are great company for a drink. If it weren’t for the violence sometimes encountered, they’d be easy people to love.

    Jeon’s really pretty, and has a sizzling little bust. She is a great example of the “natural” type of beauty most Korean women strive for, e.g., with the natural makeup and look, hair, etc.

  21. Avatar of Lapis

    Thanks Luke! Yes, can’t believe she is 40. I will get to work on another entry suggestion. (^-^)

  22. Juls’s avatar

    mmmmm, nice smile !

  23. Kyle’s avatar

    Damn, she’s almost old enough to be my mom! XD
    But she is very beautiful and I’d still get with her if I had the chance.