Denyce Lawton

Denyce Lawton has popped up here a couple of times recently, first mentioned here by Nik2, and inadvertently I used a picture of her in another post (identified by Glenn Lee). Now the time has come for her to get some well deserved time front and centre.

This African American/Korean beauty is an actress who I must admit has not been in any shows I am familiar with, and is apparently best known for her regular spot on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. She has however starred in four movies made in 2012 and 2013, so she should be hitting your screens soon in a big way. There is a lot of pictures of her out there at various events, so I assume that her celebrity credentials are pretty high, and with her stunning looks it is not hard to see why…

Birth name: Denise-Marie Lawton
Birth date: May 2, 1978
Birth place: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Actress/Producer
Years active: 1999–present

Not Asian enough? You’d better put on your gloves…


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  1. MaJieMao’s avatar

    This is the first time I will say I see no Asian in this girl at all, looks like only a smoking hot black girl to me.

  2. Bill’s avatar

    Got to agree, love the green bikini picture

  3. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    When I saw the native American pic in isolation (where they’ve lightened her skin tone), I thought she was at least part Asian. Her natural skin tone does make her look more ‘black’, but I have to say that she has made me conscious of the fact that more delicate featured black women can end up looking somewhat ‘Asian’ (as we normally use the term here). Personally I am not normally into black women, but I do often find this type of black woman absolutely stunning when I see them.

  4. Steve’s avatar

    Hair is nappy @ the hair line, it must be ironed straight, hips too large, lips too big for my taste and a bit toooo much time spent in the tanning booth? Eyes are not very Asian. This would be an outstanding model on a site for Black women.

    [Please be a little more careful when expressing opinions that could be construed as racist Steve—the Doc]

  5. Avatar of Luke


    Pardon my ignorance but what does nappy mean?

  6. Avatar of noddle

    Beautiful girl. Pic #4 shows her Korean features IMO. The beach pics and Pic #2 remind me of a couple of Filipinas I knew many years ago. She’s definitely one of my new favorites. :)

  7. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Ditto MaJieMao on this lady.

  8. Avatar of arf

    A beautiful Blasian goddess. The Pocahontas pic I’ve seen before and might have saved somewhere in the past. I’d just love to roll around in the sand with her. Very Very nice. Here too…

  9. ProfAbe’s avatar

    Greatest Blasian ever? Maybe so. What a stunner

  10. Avatar of Denver11

    Wasn’t she featured here before on the old site?

  11. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I don’t think so—she doesn’t come up in a search anyway.

  12. Steve’s avatar


    Nappy or sometimes spelled knappy is ultra kinky hair. Its a term I come to know serving in the U.S. armed forces and living in a large “urban” city in America.

  13. Tbone’s avatar

    Very nice, best of both worlds.

  14. Juls’s avatar

    mmmm nice, just that…

  15. gunnar’s avatar

    i don’t like her nose in some of the pics, but it’s cute in some of the others. she had surgery maybe? if so i like the post nose surgery a lot. otherwise, great body. hope they don’t sag though. ;)

  16. Avatar of daznlover

    Blasian, now that’s something to my taste too. Great mix!

  17. Avatar of fungusfarm

    She’s very cute. good mix.

  18. kevlar’s avatar

    being blasian myself, really beautiful blasian girls i don’t see too often. Amerie was a bit popular in the early/mid 2000s. To me she looks good sometimes, but some angles she doesn’t look that good.

    But another good model would be karrueche tran , she is a cutie.

  19. john smith’s avatar

    love that blasian booty

  20. Avatar of jazz93

    You racists are crazy. This girl is almost the perfect combination of Korean and Black. She has the curves that are not indicative of Korean women and she does not need a weave like a lot of Black women that are not mixed. She does not have big or pencil thin lips nor does she a an overly big or needle like nose. AND she has the almond shaped eyes that most Asian women dream of having.

    DNA is crazy and you never know what you are going to get. I am Black and Korean and even though I look it I often get mistaken for Filipino, Samoan, Puerto Rican etc while my brother is often assumed to be just a typical light skin Black guy. My sister on the other hand is often mistaken for White. And while I may be biased I think that Koreans are the prettiest of ALL Asians but they have the flattest asses and breasts of them all. If Denyce was a lot lighter skinned you guys would clearly be able to see her Korean side yet you are basing your judgement on the color of her skin.

  21. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I think the accusation of racism is unfair (although there may be some inadvertent racism)—let’s please not get into a slanging match over this. That aside however, I agree with much of what jazz93 says.

  22. trippg’s avatar

    Please sensor Steve. He is a straight up racist.

    Great post otherwise!


  23. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    I do agree that Steve’s comment is borderline. I don’t think it is strictly speaking in breach of our posting guidelines, but it is strongly suggestive of a racist attitude. I’ve decided to attach a warning message to his comment.