Yuzu Ogura 小倉ゆず

Tbone has fond mammaries of Yuzu Ogura, the recently retired JAV star and suggested her for a feature. Nice one Mr Bone!

Yuzu, not to be confused with Yuku Ogura (more of a cute Gravure look), is mostly found in hardcore/fetish videos and doesn’t have a prolific file of still photos. As such most of the stills are freeze frames and it would appear she gets up to some pretty nasty stuff—she lost me at licking the urinal, but for those who are into it, knock yourselves out! Yuzu is quite pretty and as Tbone pointed out, has an awesome pair and keeps herself clean shaven, which will appeal to some in here. So enjoy the clean pics and download the videos if you dare.

Name: Yuzu Ogura [小倉ゆず]
Alias: Yuzu Ogawa
Birthdate: 06/23/93
Zodiac: Cancer
Hometown: Shizuoka
Breasts: 83cm (33″) G Cup
Waist: 59cm (23″)
Hips: 83cm (33″)
Height: 159 cm (5’3″)
Blood Type: A

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  1. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Cute and Busty! Tiny waist! Love that she is smooth and hairless.

    Re: video link: I gotta say, I don’t understand Japanese sex videos…the girls are so whiny and cry babyish – as if they don’t enjoy the sex?!?! I could not put up the constant sound and expression on her face that I might be raping her.

  2. gunnar’s avatar

    very nice body! good one luke… but she seems to be into very naughty stuff… hehe

  3. Avatar of Luke


    I couldn’t agree more, it really is quite bizarre. I find a lot of Western porn similarly unappealing but for different reasons, the spitting and foul language etc.

  4. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Now that’s a really beautifully proportioned body, and a pretty face too.

  5. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    Yeah, I find the violence and nastiness of current US porn a real turn-off. I don’t have a problem with the Japanese girls’ squealing though.

  6. Avatar of taipan

    I find the squealing a turn-off too. I understand it to be part of the infantilisation of women which seems to be a prominent aspect of Japanese porn.

    Dr. Lee,
    I find the last pic with the model wearing a dog collar and chain quite offensive. Yes, I know some people get off on BDSM, but such images seem completely out of place on the Asian Sirens website which I thought was meant to showcase female Asian beauty. I don’t believe the depiction of Asian women (or any woman for that matter) in such images does anything to portray their beauty. If anything, such images run the risk of enforcing the stereotype that Asian women are more submissive than western women and that is something to be admired and promoted. I don’t think that’s a stereotype this website should be promoting.

  7. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    From memory, i think this has come up once before. Back then, I stated that I felt the style of the photos indicates that this is more of an artistic prop than anything else, and I feel the same way here. Besides, we’re basically a news and information site—we report on and show what the girls we feature do, and we try not to pass judgement on it in our articles (people are free to express their opinions in the comments, however). You could say this comes under the same category as our restrictions on explicit material, but that’s a lot more clear-cut legally and ethically. Also, explicit porn obviously isn’t making any pretences toward art or tastefulness.

  8. Avatar of ......

    Ya I don’t like the squeeling and some of her stuff looks a bit too extreme for me. However, she is cute with a nice pair…

  9. Avatar of taipan

    Dr. Lee,

    Your memory serves you correct. I did raise the issue before. Since I would appear to be the lone dissenter here regarding the portrayal of Asian women in this manner, I won’t raise the issue again. While I was typing my previous post, I was thinking of mentioning the site’s restrictions on explicit material and wondered if BDSM images could fall under the same category. While I understand that some people find explicit images of female genitalia offensive, I don’t find them to be. I’m not sure what you mean by restrictions on explicit material being more clear-cut ethically. Whose ethics? As for whether explicit porn can be portrayed artfully or tastefully, I think the answer is yes! But this raises the vexed questions of “what constitutes porn?” and “what is art?”. And since you state Asian Sirens is “basically a news and information site”, such topics are probably better dealt with elsewhere.

  10. Avatar of Luke


    Hey Taipan, I typed a response earlier but I the computer crashed and deleted it. I’m sorry if this does offend you, it was not the intent. I know that it is not to everyone’s liking. The fetish thing makes up a large portion of her work and there were not so many ‘suitable’ images, hence the use of DVD covers. I am happy for Doc to remove it if he sees fit.

    FWIW I don’t mind the fetish thing and like ‘pink’ shots, I try to avoid any pictures with dicks in them. I have assumed that anything too extreme would get vetted on the way through. Probably like the heritage/race issue it deserves more in depth discussion. :)

  11. Avatar of Bubalabobo

    FWIW, she’s on top in the collar photo and largely in control, but for (as Doc said) the prop; the obvious focus of the picture is her magnificent boobs. She’s pretty.

    I also find the squealing and such of Jporn annoying and I’m not much of a fan. But one thing i’ll say about it is frequently the JAV stars are simply beautiful and frequently stylish, more so than other Asian or Western porn.

  12. Avatar of arf

    Ooooh Ooooh!…how nice indeed. I just think her face is pretty spectacular along with everything else.

  13. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    I only see one “problem” with her.

  14. Nik2’s avatar

    Outstanding. I had seen and saved a few pics of her, but could not find who she was. Beautiful face and truly amazing body. All she did before retirement at age 20 were several movies. I find it odd she didn’t pose for Graphis, Bejean or Arashi during her brief career. Their girls are often those petite AV girls and Japanese photographers know how to bring out beauty of heir subjects.

  15. Avatar of BakedZiti

    Gorgeous girl. What a pair. These are the type of AS posts I love.

  16. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    taipan wrote:
    I’m not sure what you mean by restrictions on explicit material being more clear-cut ethically. Whose ethics?

    We have a classification system to describe different levels of explicitness, which is pretty much universally used and understood. As we state that we don’t display X-rated material, I think we have an ethical responsibility to comply with that. The stuff you object to isn’t independently classified like this, so it’s a lot less clear-cut.

  17. Avatar of EnigmaticJack

    OMG the squealing….the never ending squealing of Japanese porn……it’s unbearable. And sad too because they are mostly gorgeous. It’s funny, I saw one clip where a guy had a magic watch that freezes time so he could “have” his female coworker. She didn’t make a sound while in the act. Haha, so I KNOW Japanese girls can do it without the theatrics…..haha

  18. Avatar of French

    I like it when women squeal like a pig, American style!

    But if you like rednecks and a canoe, you will love this from the movie Deliverance.
    “You look just like a hog, boy….squeal for me, boy.”

  19. Avatar of taipan


    Thanks Luke, but no apology needed. The issue I raised is not about keeping me happy and content providers such as yourself having to filter your content in case “sensitive” people like me get offended. I raised the issue because I’m aware of the stereotype of “submissive Asian women” and it’s a stereotype I’d like to see overturned. I don’t expect this website to get on board this crusade. As Doc pointed out, that’s not the raison d’être of this website. I just wondered if the current content restrictions might be extended or interpreted to cover such material. I’m interested in photography. I’m an admirer of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work which features quite a lot of BDSM images. But I believe there is a significant difference between his portrayal of BDSM and those sourced from JAV. And yes, my noting of this difference is subjective – I accept that some may see no difference at all. Some other posters have noted that American porn has developed a particularly nasty tone in recent years and I would agree. I think there are a number of unfortunate acts that seem particularly aimed at degrading women and placing them in a submissive role. There are always those seeking to push the boundaries and it’s not hard to find examples of extreme acts on the Web. But I’m inclined to regard these as outliers. I’m more disturbed by those acts that have become mainstream, such as throat gagging and choking (and if the actress’ eyes start watering and her mascara runs, well she must be really into it!), ass-to-mouth (often accompanied by claims from the male actor to “taste your ass, baby” and I think the inference here is that the woman should taste something, presumably her own shit, because what other residue could there be following anal sex? And at the bottom of the list (pun intended) there is anal sex. There is a big difference in how the European’s present anal sex in porn (and I’m thinking primarily of the Private XXX productions) and how the mainstream US porn industry present anal sex. There seems to be some satisfaction to be gained from stretching a women’s anus as much as possible. If her anus is left gaping after the act, that’s a result to be admired. And the term “painal” has been coined to describe the discomfort a woman feels from the act with some porn highlighting “painal” acts and the “wrecking” of a women’s anus as something to cheer about.

    Now, some readers may think “WTF? What does a photo of a woman wearing a collar and chain have to do with these porn acts?” And I simply maintain the connection between BDSM images (such as those in this post) and the porn acts listed above is the role women play in these acts. The collar in the images above may be regarded as “just a prop”. Well, I think it’s easy to extend this argument further and regard the model as “just a prop” in whatever presentation the photographer has in mind. That way, we can safely detach our sensitivities from the image and whatever interpretation we may choose to extract from it.

    I like women. I enjoy looking at nude women. I think there are lots of things to admire about Asian women. But there is something almost misogynistic in the way that women are often portrayed and treated in porn nowadays and I feel it is wrong, and that the issue is important to raise. Now I’ll climb down from my soapbox, and issue my apology if this post is considered too far off-topic – I figure the Doc can always edit/remove as appropriate.

  20. Avatar of French

    I don’t know where this stereotype of the “submissive Asian woman” is from. Every Asian woman I know is an ass-kicking machine, not submissive.

    I am not joking.

    As for porn….I have a childhood friend who actually “wrote” several porn scripts that were made into movies. He invited me out to California and I got to hang out on set and watch them film once. It was not sexy- it was all business. You pay these performers the right amount, they would do whatever and a minute later, not even remember or care. To them, it’s a paycheck. I fully know and understand that these women are paid performers….who am I to judge them?

  21. Avatar of Dr. Lee


    For the record, I’m not a fan of BDSM either, but I know many people gain mutual enjoyment from engaging in it and watching it, and I don’t feel I have any right or position to judge them on it, despite my personal distaste.

  22. MaJieMao’s avatar

    She has some really nice curves and a cute face to go with it.

    Personally I’ll always had the “suffering” quality of Japanese Porn, women seem to be more of a victim to the act then enjoying it to me and I find that a massive turn-off.

    As for the BDSM images I would prefer to avoid them, but the last photo in this post is pretty mild in those terms.

  23. Avatar of Luke


    if you have some good examples of models pictured in empowering roles we can post them, or indeed your own work, I would love to see it. I will keep an eye out too.

  24. Avatar of taipan


    Thanks for the offer, but I don’t have such content. Just to be clear, my issue is not about addressing some imbalance in the type of content shown on this site. Of the thousands of images this site has presented, I would estimate the number of “offending” images is such a small number in comparison that there is no imbalance to address. So, posting images of empowered models does not address my issue. My issue does not concern the judgement of people engaged in the porn industry or BDSM acts either. I’m simply pointing out that some images, a very small number of them featured in models’ profiles, portray women in a “less than positive” light. I’ve not engaged in BDSM acts and nor am I so familiar with the material to qualify as knowledgeable on the subject. But I am certain if I was asked to photograph or video models with a BDSM-oriented theme, I wouldn’t go to the local Adult shop and buy a collar and chain and ask the model to wear it. I don’t think the end result would be believable to any one actively involved in BDSM but maybe pleasing to those with some fantasy about what BDSM might be like. I know my issue is countered by the reasoning “the model is just wearing a collar, it’s not hurting her, it’s just a prop.” But that’s flawed reasoning in my view and doesn’t address my issue at all. If, as I suggest, the number of “offensive” images is so small, then I thought it would not be difficult for this website to take the position that these images would not be displayed in models’ profiles. I still find it strange there appears to be general acceptance that images of female genitalia are considered too offensive for this site. But, I realise I’m pushing the proverbial up hill in trying to bring about awareness of the issue of how (Asian) women are portrayed in media. I’m not on some crusade and nor am I anti-porn or in favour of censorship of the Web. And if some think that’s a contradiction of what I’ve been expressing, then I respectfully suggest they’ve misunderstood my issue or can’t recognise the issue, or I my explanation of the issue has been poor or any combination of these.

  25. Avatar of French

    taipan: I came across this interesting website once

    Some of the guest writers are “Hollywood Asians” and write extensively about how Asians are portrayed in the media. I never came across a post about Asian porn, but there may be one there.

    I may have a different view- one of my mentors and bosses was an extremely powerful, well-known, and well liked Filipina here in the USA. For 9 years, I was privy to many things she dealt with. She was the classiest lady I ever met in my life- spoke four languages, and asked the Philippine government (and her friends) to watch out and protect me when I traveled to some questionable areas of the Philippines.

    The Asians I met were all at the height of political, financial, and entertainment power. I have never- not once in my life, thought that Asian women were docile or submissive. Rather, the opposite.

    As an ethnic minority, I would cringe when “my people” were portrayed negatively in the movies or TV. The only way out, in my opinion, was to seize the reigns of those entertainment towers and change from within.

    I guess that is why I enjoy that website I mentioned- the director of the Fast and Furious movies (Yes, I admit, I watch them and enjoy them) is a guest site writer and purposely pushed for a role of a strong Asian in the group of drivers.

    As for porn, it took 20 minutes of being on set to “change” me. These are actors/performers. They are not damsels in distress. It’s a paycheck.

  26. Avatar of taipan


    Now that is an interesting website! :-) Thanks for the link.

    I feel I need to address some of the points you mention :-) It’s not my experience that Asian women are generally submissive either, at least the ones I’ve met. Certainly my (Vietnamese) wife isn’t – and that’s just one of the many things I love about her and respect her for. But I know from my wife’s experience in the offices she has worked in how she is sometimes treated by her male colleagues. I also know from conversations with other people what their perceptions are of Asian women – and no, they weren’t aware of my mixed marriage. I also have a Thai friend who used to work in the sex industry here in my home of Brisbane. I did help her with the marketing of her services and this partly involved participation in several sex industry discussion forums. While it might be easy to dismiss the comments about Asian sex workers as mere banter amongst the guys, I believe there is more to it than that. There is no doubt in my mind that racism and sexism are quite prevalent here in Australia. I was very relieved when my Thai friend finally quit the industry. As her friend and because I cared for her, I found many of the comments that customers made about her quite disturbing to read. I’m glad she took as much money from the industry as she did and rather than waste it on Western style consumerism, she carefully invested it back home in Thailand and looked after her family. Yes, it’s a pay check for some sex workers, and Doc will say that prostitution can be quite empowering for many women. Sadly though, for many women, the sex industry appears to them as the only choice. I do feel for these women and there is no doubt in my mind they are being exploited. But the issue I’m raising does not concern whether women are being exploited in the porn industry. I’m trying to increase awareness of how women are being portrayed in crappy photos such as the “collar & chain” images. What does the image suggest to you? Context is all important here. Perhaps it’s just some harmless role play. We know the model is not in any stress. It’s not as if we see her neck veins bulging because the blood flow is being constricted. In the last image, we see her on top. The photo is cropped and so we don’t know if she is straddling her partner and in a dominant position. The chain is pulled taut and her partner’s clenched fist is raised. We don’t see her face, and so we don’t know if she is enjoying the moment or is in distress. Now the angle of the shot does accentuate the lovely shape of her breasts. But what does the collar and chain add to the shot? For those not familiar with BDSM, do we imagine that this is what it’s all about? Or is the shot quite open to interpretation? I’ve watched BDSM porn (for curiosity value :-) ) and it looks nothing like these seemingly harmless images. It’s of course my subjective view that these images serve no artistic value, and instead promulgate the notion that women are little more than objects to be controlled, dominated and played with for our sexual gratification. I’m not expecting to convince other people to see the images as how I see them. That would be silly, totally unrealistic and not what I’m aiming for! But I do encourage those who get even just a hint of what I’ve been writing about, to look at all images more critically and try and interpret what the image portrays. If your interpretation is consistent with your own values and beliefs, then maybe there is nothing to comment further about. But if there is contention, then you may feel like I did, that it’s worthy of a discussion.

  27. Avatar of French


    That is a very different experience than I have had. I only looked at it through the eyes here in the USA….

    Thank you for sharing that. My opinion evolves….

  28. Avatar of Lapis

    French wrote: I like it when women squeal like a pig, American style!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7lUWYV_kwMBut if you like rednecks and a canoe, you will love this from the movie Deliverance.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqNMjZpSbnU“You look just like a hog, boy….squeal for me, boy.”

    Love Deliverance, thx so much for that French! Burt, another hero from growing up!

    The whole “submissive asian woman” thing was thought to be a very real thing in the West, written in magazines and shown in films back in the day as if it was the gospel truth. I think since the ’80s fewer and fewer believe it’s true. It’s a false stereotype, always was imo, but believe me, as long as there are guns, pick ups and God, there will be rednecks, ha, ha.

    Nude pics cover a whole spectrum, only one pic above shows a collar. This informs me this performer did that kind of work. Therefore, as I see it, Asian Sirens has hit the right balance. I am now informed on the kind of work Yuzu Ogura did, and I didn’t know before, so thx Asian Sirens.

  29. Avatar of taipan

    A stereotype doesn’t actually have to reflect reality in order for it to exist. My personal experience is that the stereotype is very real, at least here in Australia. I’ve been in conversations and cringed at the comments made about Asian women. I don’t believe the comments were made with malice, but were based on simple ignorance. I don’t know whether belief in the stereotype is on the wane since the 80′s. It’s not hard to find statistical evidence that asian sex tourism is flourishing in countries like Thailand and plenty of advertisements can be found for Filipino brides (and no, I’m not stating that those seeking a Filipino bride necessarily hold the belief that Asian women are submissive).

    Actually, there are 3 pics showing Yuzu Ogura wearing a collar. But the issue I’ve raised doesn’t concern content balance. Thanks to her profile description, I’m also informed there’s an image of her licking a urinal. I haven’t bothered to look for the image, but accept it’s “out there” if I ever feel the need to see it. ;-)

  30. Tbone’s avatar

    Nice choice Luke :)

    I didn’t know she was retired. I don’t think she has a blog so it’s hard to find much info on her on the web.

  31. kurakura’s avatar

    why she retired??? T____________T

  32. Avatar of Grim-Scraggletag


    Agree 100%

  33. bdog’s avatar

    whoah, I am late to the party. I just discovered Ms. Ogura yesterday. She’s super cute, and her thin waist and terrific breasts are amazing. I suspect she has implants, but it’s difficult to tell for sure–anyone else have a read on that?