Jinova (伊诺娃)is a stunning Chinese MOKO model. Born on the 1st of January in the year of the Snake, in a previous incarnation she once sat as a top general in the court of Qin Shihuang!

Perhaps her birthday has been massaged a bit though – it sure looks suspicious (1/1/89?), any later and she would be a Snake, which is not a popular year. On her MOKO page she claims to be a Libra and on her Fengniao page she claims to be an Aries, whilst her Baike page claims she was born in 1988!

Like a lot of Chinese models she’s probably underexagerating her age just a little bit…

Still, She’s super hot, super slender and super super!

I have vital statistics for you:
Height: 170cm (wow, she’s tall!)
Measurements: 83 63 87
Shoe size: 39
Star sign: Aries, Libra or your preference

As mentioned you can find her here on MOKO and I have a few galleries for you, a rarity for Chinese models: 1, 2, 3, 4.

In addition to the above modelling activities she also took part in a bit of ‘body art’ modelling. Although when they invented that term I don’t think they quite had this level of explicit exposure in mind. At times it verges very close to a gynaecological examination crossed with a sex-toy sales demonstration.

Very explicit nudity in the full set here. A few tamer shots are below for your delectation.

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  1. Avatar of French

    Nice that she is nude but that large nose has got to go. :(

  2. ThorZien’s avatar

    I kinda like the nose, and that she’s nude as well. She doesn’t look to be Han Chinese; I wonder what Chinese ethnic group she comes from.

  3. Avatar of BakedZiti

    Eh. Does not do it for me. Not very-”Moko” to me.

  4. Avatar of wylde8

    She didn’t have my attention until she lost her clothes, but after that, I was entranced.

  5. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    Isn’t bad, but the hair is a turn-off for me.

  6. Avatar of EnigmaticJack

    You guys crack me up. It’s either the taboo tattoo or a nose is too big or the breasts aren’t perfect or the hair isn’t right color….jeez!!
    I realize they’re models and must expect to be judged but I’m willing to bet most of us would turn into big piles of stammering goo if many of these girls were to walk up and say hi.
    How bout we have a gallery of our pics for the girls to review….haha

  7. Avatar of French

    @EnigmaticJack: OK, point made…but if she walked up to me- and before I turned into goo, she would remark, “Wow. We have the same nose!”

    That long strong nose does not flatter her oval face, nor her beautiful and soft natural body.

    Join me in Saving the Asian Noses (SAN).

  8. MaJieMao’s avatar

    No tats is always a win, but she is just so-so, not sure she would of caught my attention in China.

  9. Avatar of ......

    shes alright…

  10. Avatar of fungusfarm

    Hmmmm……Nice slender and lithe body…. nice skin that has NO tats.
    I’m not attracted facially to her….
    I don’t have much to say. I don’t know. She doesn’t excite me. At all.

  11. Tbone’s avatar

    Hairless down there, got me sold!

    Nice sexy body.

  12. Avatar of smellykev

    Never got the whole bald badger thing. Save the forests!!! (On asian chicks that is. Western jungles are not quite so precious).

    Sign me up French for SAN. Can we perhaps amalgamate our causes? “Save Asian Noses” and “Save Asian Forests”? Perhaps also a movement to also protect the perkiness of unaltered asian breasts?


    A worthy cause worth fighting for.

  13. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen


    Sorry bud, but I don’t wish to live in a “cookie cutter” world. I like what I like and you like what you like. Fair enough?

  14. Avatar of fungusfarm

    I prefer only fully shaved women. That is a plus for her.
    A small happy trail is acceptable – definitely, no forests. Chop ‘em all down.

  15. gunnar’s avatar

    her face doesn’t do it for me.

    neither does her body, which is fine, but too thin, too flat.

    if she walked to me and asked me for a date, i would say no.

    thorzien, she looks very typical northern chinese. i see girls who lool like this everyday in beijing. btw, at least pic 4 was taken in beijing. but i’m not sad i never met her.

  16. Avatar of Johnnie

    Nice boots.

  17. Avatar of EnigmaticJack

    Never mentioned “cookie cutter” bud. Wrote it with a laugh, take it with a laugh. It’s cool homie, if everyone liked the same cookie then there’d be no need for Asian-Sirens

  18. john smith’s avatar

    This girl is really hot. She is like a girl that a normal guy may actually get to go out with. I bet she could rock her boyfriends world.
    ps I support saving natural perky asian breasts

  19. Avatar of longtack

    I don’t think she is ‘cookie cut’ like many other models. She has a look that’s different. I got over the big nose fast to see her underlying beauty. She’s gorgeous, and has a playful, cheeky look in her eyes. Love the pics of her naked in the cowboy boots.