Shin Soo-ji (신수지)

I’m sure that Shin Soo-Ji has now come to the attention of millions of people around the world including mine after a video of her went viral where she threw out the first pitch in a baseball game between the Doosan Bears and the Samsung Lions on Friday, July 5th utilizing the most amazing wind up in the history of ceremonial first pitches.

What’s equally impressive is that the former rhythmic gymnast was also able to get the pitch to reach the plate. I can only imagine what the reaction would have been if a more disastrous result would have occurred after performing such a wind up.

Thankfully, everything worked out and Shin Soo-Ji’s pitch made for an incredible video as well as provide me with an opportunity to write about a sexy gymnast.

First Pitch Video
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  1. Avatar of Dr. Lee

    Where is everybody today? I can’t believe this great post hasn’t had any comments yet! This girl is just such a cutie, combined with real talent.

  2. Avatar of French


    Wow- I must have watched that pitch 20 times.

    She is very pretty, and a fine athlete.

    Be the ball……

  3. Avatar of Luke

    Great post, those worst pitches ever are hilarious.

    I have to ask what is with the ceremonial pitch? It seems a bizarre thing to do IMO that must often cause embarrassment. I’m thinking former Aussie PM John Howard’s bowling, that haunted him for his whole political career.

    I have to say the gymnastics are one of the few things I really enjoy at the Olympics. The talent of these athletes is remarkable. Shin Soo-Ji is a real cutie I will have to look up some more close ups.

  4. Avatar of wingsfan19

    When I clicked on the link, the only thing different about her pitch was how hot she looked throwing it. I figured there must have been something more, though.

    Luke, how about the beach volleyball? The Chinese teams against the great Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh were awesome to watch (and the athleticism was nice too).

  5. Avatar of wingsfan19

    The video worked on my phone! Time for a new computer I’m afraid.

    One of the links finally showed the whole first pitch sequence on my computer. Other links never showed the flip part of it. Very strange, but I enjoyed watching her several times anyways.

  6. Hapabeauty’s avatar

    Excellent release. he he he : )

  7. Avatar of relayer

    Love the pitch and love the girl throwing it. She’s a beauty. And those gymnastic moves are unbelievable. They have incredible talent. I’ve always loved the rhythmic gymnastics events, even though they get terribly overlooked in the TV broadcasts in favor of the artistic gymnastics. The NBC coverage of rhythmic gymnastics at the Olympics last year was woefully inadequate. In fact, the NBC olympic coverage in general was woeful, but don’t get me started on that.

  8. Avatar of smellykev

    bloody hell. I can’t even touch my toes. I wonder if she’ll let me touch hers.

  9. Avatar of Luke


    There is definitely some hotties in volleyball (pole vaulting too) but it doesn’t belong in the Olympics IMO. I can’t believe tennis and golf are going to be in the next games but Greco Roman wrestling has been cut.
    At the risk of offending some I don’t consider golf a sport.

  10. Avatar of LoveAsianWomen

    OMG! Just imagine how she would be able to move in a more intimate environment. Lovely!

  11. Avatar of oigg

    I’m impressed. Cute and fleixble!

  12. gunnar’s avatar

    beautiful girl, too bad there are no modeling photos :(

  13. Avatar of STRIPES

    She had me at the ceremonial first pitch. I’m absolutely ready to have a coupla’ three tall, lean, graceful Blasian kids. They will graduate engineering school after being drafted by the Angels.One will be a cannon-armed left fielder.The other a triple digit throwing closer.They will simultaneously build cities as a side gig.

  14. Avatar of rex

    Seen this last week. First I said Wow! (the pitch) then Wow! (her beauty)Watched it 20-30 times. What a nice body she has and her gymnastics skills! I think in love.

  15. CEC’s avatar

    Singer Carly Rae Jepsen recently threw a stinko first pitch every bit as bad as the one Tiffany Hwang threw a couple of months ago.

    Anyway, Soo-ji doesn’t have the best arm of any female celeb I’ve seen throw out a first pitch, but she definitely has the best delivery. The best arm I’ve ever seen is that on Korean singer Park Jung-ah (below). I don’t know why she chooses to throw from the front of the mound, because she could just as easily fire one across the plate from the rubber:

  16. Avatar of Blueseamonster

    Well, I wasnt registered to the new site till now. I think this post deserves me to comment.
    Very nice young lady!!!!

  17. Avatar of The-Dean

    Very elegant and quite pretty. Rhythmic gymnastics is one of my favorite voyeuristic Olympic sports.