Fri Oct 07, 2011

Michelle Bella

Stripper Exotic Dancer Michelle Bella met Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray at her place of employment, the "social-type club" Speament Rhino in Las Vegas. Michelle was called to testify during Dr. Murray's trial because she was one of the ladies in his harem whom he texted the day he left a drugged-up Jackson alone to die in bed.

As I implied in yesterday's entry, I find nothing humorous about the case of a doctor so derelict in his duties, that it resulted in his patient's death, so I'm not making light of the trial. However, it has turned into quite a media spectacle with an intriguing cast of characters, Miss Bella being one of them, so I am going to place this one under "humor." Oh, yesss.

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Wed Apr 20, 2011

Gwendoline Yeo for Hanes

Ever hear the expression "don't get your panties in a bunch"? Well, apparently that's what happened to Robin (actress and musician Gwendoline Yeo, who's been featured here twice before) during this recent segment of the fictional talk show What's Up? with Robin and Leslie. Oh, "Leslie" is Arden Myrin, best known for her stint on Mad TV.

EDIT: The above video has been deleted from Youtube, but you can view the original post and video here.

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Fri Apr 01, 2011

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa

Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa

There have been several Asian reporters featured here in the past, but none who seem to possess the same eloquent yet underlying, sexuality as Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa (not to be confused with Asian reporter Tricia Takana [RIP], who was portrayed by Sunghi Lee on the TV series Lost).

Tricia has been with WQHG Channel 5 in Quahog, Rhode Island since 1999 and is the station's star on-the-scene reporter. The sexy and tenacious journalist has been knocked over by a flying car while covering a hurricane, vomited on the air while reporting on a flu epidemic, and captured an exclusive interview with a prison escapee, while he was escaping from prison. The above still is from her multi-part, "Special Report on Sex," where she went in depth and undercover to get her story. More...

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Mon Mar 07, 2011

Nara's "Veggie Love" Casting Session

Nara was one of many girls who auditioned for PETA's "Veggie Love" ad, which the animal rights group claimed was rejected by NBC to run during Super Bowl XLV. (Funny, since the Super Bowl was broadcast on Fox, not NBC.)

Anyway, I prefer a girl who likes to sink her teeth into a good steak, and since I assume that being a vegetarian was a prerequisite for appearing in the ad, I don't think Nara would be a good choice to invite out to Sizzler for dinner. Oh, the long white vegetable Nara is enjoying is a daikon, also known as an Oriental radish.

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Thu Jan 06, 2011

Wrist Cutter G Commercial

Here are the late gravure idols Satomi Shigemori, Risa Inoue, and Marina Kanda (RIP) advertising "Wrist Cutter G," which became the hottest cutter for Japanese students belonging to extracurricular wrist-cutting clubs, soon after this spot aired in early 2008.

Unfortunately, the promotional events that were scheduled to follow the national release of this commercial, never happened due to the girls' untimely deaths....which was proof that they actually believed in the product they so enthusiastically endorsed. More...

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Sun Oct 17, 2010

Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery

In keeping with the Halloween theme, here are sisters Michelle and Coy in the first of their 2008 nine-part video series, Two Asian Girls in a Cemetery. All nine parts were shot the same day during the girls' stroll through Oakwood Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas. Younger sister Michelle does most of the commentary throughout, talking about such things as the "Black Jesus" statue, scary movies, names on the headstones, and Elvira. Not to take anything away from her (because she is very cute and engaging), but ....check out Coy. 'Nuff said.

The series was produced by Slumber Party Theater where the girls also appear in other videos such as Two Asian Girls in a Football Field. However, the SPT site is slow and ad-ridden so you're better off going to their Break channel to see the rest of these videos ....and to check out more of Coy.

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Thu Sep 09, 2010

Sachiko's Sexy Bible Readings Are Back!

As YouTube suspended my original Sexy Bible Readings channel (which combined sex with parodies of Biblical literalism), we’ve created a new YouTube channel to host them, and kept it unlisted so hopefully they won't censor it again. We've also put local copies up on my my blog, just in case they still do (and people who can't access YouTube can still watch them).

The only downside of this is that I'm now entirely dependent on my blog to bring attention to these videos, so I've decided to disable comments on this post, to encourage everyone to post your comments on my blog. I can't stress enough that all opinions are welcome - indeed, the more debate there is, the better. I will support your freedom of speech, and I hope you can support mine by helping to get the word out on this!

We've also updated the Audio/Video pages on my web site with full resolution preview pics from the extended, nude members' versions.

Sachiko | Sep 09, 10 | 6:11 am

Sun Jul 11, 2010

Reno 911! Date a Cop - Cindy

Date a Cop - Cindy

Reno 911! police dispatcher and former sex slave Cindy (a comedic stereotype played by Taiwanese-American actress Wanru Tseng) gives her views on prostitution vs. dating and talks about the type of man she'd like to meet in this introductory video for the show's "Date a Cop" segment.

The gag with Cindy was that she'd dispatch calls without having complete grasps on what the situations were or a good command of the English language. Reno 911! ran for six seasons on Comedy Central but Cindy didn't show up until the fifth, so those who want to see more of her will only have to see seasons five and six that are available on DVD. Here's another amusing video with her.

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Sun Apr 25, 2010

(More) Wardrobe Malfunctions

A term coined by Justin Timberlake to describe the infamous 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime incident, it's only surprising that "wardrobe malfunctions" don't happen more often, given the outfits many female celebs and models wear onstage and on the red carpet. Pervious entries on these occurrences can be seen here and here.

Above, we see Japanese-born K-pop singer Ayumi Lee head off stage for assistance after literally shaking off one of her adhesive bra cups during a 2007 lip-synced performance of her single "Wrongful Meeting." Taking it in stride, Ayumi returned to the stage to finish the number after adjustments were made, probably realizing that it could have been worse, as some other ladies will attest to. More...

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Sun Apr 11, 2010

Las Vegas Models Is Now Hiring! :-)

My next post is going to be pretty serious, so I thought I might post some comic relief beforehand (thankyou to Acumen for the tip!). If anyone can find some info on this company, please post it. :-)

Dr. Lee | Apr 11, 10 | 2:50 am | 17 comments | 6849 views

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