Thu Apr 28, 2011

Izumi Mana


Japanese pornographic actress Izumi Mana is one of a small group of AV stars who sport a look of tanned skin, dyed hair and heavy make up.
Apparently there's a small sub culture based around this style called 'Gyara Gal' though I'm not really sure, as I don't speak Japanese.

She features prominently alongside other models such as Rumika and Moka on AV labels like Kirakira and Garcon which specialise in
girls with the Gyaru Gal style. Though in my humble opinion Izumi is totally awesome and a cut above the rest of the girls in the scene.

Shuai Ge | Apr 28, 11 | 7:20 am | 31 comments | 39072 views

Tue Feb 15, 2011

ID Request (and Tila's Latest Publicity Stunt)

While researching a possible article for Tila Tequila's latest publicity stunt (yeah, I'm sick of those too, but it is big Asian model news right now), I came across this video. Who is this cute Japanese girl with such a great body and such fabulous tits?

Dr. Lee | Feb 15, 11 | 12:01 am | 24 comments | 15083 views

Fri Dec 31, 2010



Here's a throwback for all of the older readers. Apparently Kascha was a big hit 21 years ago. She liked being blond, probably because blond hair was big back then. What I didn't know was that it was considered attractive to have blond hair everywhere. Hm... Also, granny panties? The late 80's must have been a crazy time.

TravisStroup | Dec 31, 10 | 11:21 am | 44 comments | 37243 views

Sat Jul 31, 2010

Korean Ero Icons

The Milk Cow Lady's Love Affairs (1995)

Of all the ladies who've set foot in the Korean soft core porn or "ero" (short for "erotic") video industry over the past 20 years, whether as a stepping (or stumbling) stone to other avenues of show biz or just to carve a niche for themselves as an ero actress before fading into obscurity, there are only a handful who have arguably earned icon status in the field.

One who can certainly be considered an ero icon is Jin Do-hee, who made her mark in the classic Milk Cow Lady's Love Affairs series. Pictured above is Do-hee adorning the video box cover for the 1995 original. More...

CEC | Jul 31, 10 | 7:24 pm | 19 comments | 33826 views

Tue Feb 23, 2010

Holly Woo


Holly Woo (sometimes referred to as Kimora Lei) is an Japanese-American pornstar from California. She stands at an intimidating 4'11.


TravisStroup | Feb 23, 10 | 6:48 pm | 39 comments | 38462 views

Tue Jan 26, 2010

Lana Lopez


I have nothing clever to say about Lana Lopez. I also have very little interesting background info other than that she's a mixed adult model. I was considering making a poem about rainbows, or starting every word in a sentence with an "L" (Lana Lopez Las L Lreat Lmile), but that got annoying quick. To make up for it, here are 27 photos and like 15 galleries. Go nuts.


TravisStroup | Jan 26, 10 | 11:56 pm | 39 comments | 40246 views

Wed Nov 25, 2009

Ann Nanba for LV Vodka

This Taiwanese LV vodka cocktail commercial from a few years back features now-retired Japanese AV actress Ann Nanba, who, surprisingly, has never been featured here before. There are two versions of this ad and this is the uncensored one. The line spoken at the end is, "I know what you're thinking!"

Current info about Ann (also spelled "An") and what she's doing these days, would most likely be found at Japanese game sites and blogs since she's known as an avid gamer. Stuff from her AV career can easily be found all over the net...and probably in the comments for this entry.

CEC | Nov 25, 09 | 7:40 am | 6 comments | 14797 views

Sat Oct 17, 2009

Annie Lee


Sorry for the delay. I'd like to say things will be picking up soon, but I am not sure yet. Anyway, this is Annie Lee. Annie Lee is a pornstar/escort. She probably won't have a lot of fans on this site, especially with the kinda funky nipple pattern, but I like that she smiles a lot and I figured it was time to feature a cutie, since most of the other women I want to post are more traditionally beautiful.


TravisStroup | Oct 17, 09 | 3:24 am | 73 comments | 63848 views

Mon Sep 21, 2009

Sara Tsukigami


Sara Tsukigami is another mysterious JAV idol. I've been wanting to post about her for a while now, but have had very little success in finding out anything about her.

I think she is gorgeous, and just because I couldn't find a bio, it wasn't fair that I didn't share with my friends here at Asian-Sirens....Enjoy! More...

Sefu | Sep 21, 09 | 8:12 am | 25 comments | 38550 views

Sun Sep 20, 2009

Ruru Anoa


Introducing Ruru Anoa, or sometimes Anoa Ruru, depending on the website you visit. Ruru is JAV idol, but other than that, I wasn't able to find out much info about her. But she looks good and I feel is worthy of Siren status! More...

Sefu | Sep 20, 09 | 4:01 am | 25 comments | 38007 views

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