Mon Sep 26, 2005

Manami Miwake - Japanese idol photobook

Manami Miwake - Asante (Photography: Koji Inomoto)

Japanese beauty Manami Miwake plays a heroine in the popular anime series Kamen Rider (Masked Rider). She also released her first photobook Asante. (Asante=Thanks in Swahili.) And a great photobook it is!

I have found most of the photos on this forum. It took some time to find them all (74 photo's!), but to save you the trouble, I have put a selection of 16 great photo's on Asian-Sirens for your viewing pleasure. (Members only!)

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Mon Sep 19, 2005

Asian Beauty book

Asian Beauty book

Although there are only a couple models on the site, I thought the Asian Beauty book might be interesting for anyone working in the Asian model business; the models, make-up artists and photographers. At you can look inside the book.

"In Asian Beauty, Margaret Kimura, veteran makeup artist to the stars and Asian American herself, presents the ultimate beauty guide for all women of Asian descent. More...

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Thu Sep 15, 2005

Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole

Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole

Finally back in print: Araki's uncensored portrait of Tokyo's "forbidden city". This photobook offers a privileged view of Tokyo's underworld by Japan's greatest photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki.

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Sat Jul 23, 2005

Asian Ladies of Uwe Ommer

Asian Ladies. Photographer: Uwe Ommer

Usually I am quite an admirer of the books published by Taschen. Great value for money and various topics; from Art to Pornography.

In 2000 they published a book called Asian Ladies. Photographer Uwe Ommer filled 160 pages with photo's of Asian beauties. Well, unfortunately not all models are so beautiful. There are only a handful that have the natural look that I like. But because taste is very personal, I will not go into that any further. Take a look at some samples at his site.

What I find rather disappointing about the book, is the photography itself. It's semi-artistic and of poor quality. The photo's lack imagination and the settings and poses are very cliche. Ofcourse there are some good pictures in the book, but I get the idea that this was a quick job. I imagine Ommer travelling around South-East Asia, shooting every woman he can pursuade to pose for him ;-)

I am not sure what else this Ommer guy has done (besides a smilar book called Black Ladies), but I am not impressed by his work in this book. According to Taschen he is 'a sought-after commercial photographer'. More...

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