Tue Mar 19, 2013

Asian Women Thinspo or Pro Ana


There's a strange trend that's happened online over the past few years known as "Thinspo," short for "Thinspiration." Those that follow it believe that they're using photos of ultra thin women as motivation to lose weight. Opponents believe that it's simply another term for pro-ana, and it promotes anorexia, which is of course obscenely unhealthy.

Because Asian women are often naturally skinny, many of the photos are "Asian Thinspo" photos - especially Korean women and runway models - because they tend to be stick thin and are not generally associated with anorexia.

Below are varying degrees of thinspo. Some models, like the one at the top, seem perfectly healthy to me. Others, as you can see if you search for "Thinspo" online or browse sites like this, look much less healthy.

So, questions for the audience:

- How do you feel about ultra skinny women?
- What do you think about "Thinspo"? Is it anorexia disguised or a motivational tool?
- Is there a difference to you between the women that are naturally skinny and those that are starving themselves? What about in attraction?

Discuss anything you want related to this type of conversation in the comments. More...

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Sun Dec 02, 2012

Maya Nakanishi


Maya Nakanishi is a true Asian Siren, because here, we respect women that are special - not just beautiful women. Maya Nakanishi is an athlete that posed nude to raise money for the olympics. Expect it's not the traditional olympics - it's the paraolympics. Maya Nakanishi lost her leg in a steel accident. She posed to raise money to her pay for the Paralympic games.


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Sat Oct 27, 2012

Two Japanese Politicians - Yuri Fujikawa and Asuka Tachikawa


It's politics season! And like any good blog about women, I'm going to feature two female politicians! I'm also not going to tell you about them, because like most people that follow politics, I'm feeling apathetic today. Sorry guys. But now you have names and faces, and if you like one of them you can put more faces to those names.

The above is Yuri Fujikawa.


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Thu Sep 27, 2012

Dr Lee's Talking Point: Models Misled To Do Nudity?

In our recent Nitda Cee post, the issue arose of models being misled into doing (semi-)nudity, through such techniques as using light clothing that becomes see-through with a flash, or simply telling a model nude photos won't be published when they actually are. I might have been inclined to dismiss such complaints as simply naïvety on the part of the model, except for the fact that I've received so many of them over the years I've been running Asian Sirens, often resulting in me taking posts down at the model's request. So I thought I'd do a post inviting people to post their own experiences in this matter - I strongly encourage photographers to post their own perspective too. And what do our readers think? Is this unfair to the model, or in this era of 'implied nudity', are such techniques fair game to give the public what we want? More...

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Mon Jul 23, 2012

Asian Girls with Body Paint


Sometimes I just want an excuse to post some photos. I recently came across a stunning Facebook photo of a friend of a friend of this attractive, normally shy girl getting nude body painted at Burning Man. I didn't take it (I don't take photos from Facebook if they're not models), so I can't show it to you, but it had me thinking about body paint on attractive Asian women. Consider this an excuse to post any photos you find on the web of attractive Asian girls with body paint.


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Sat Jun 23, 2012

Japanese Celebs' Final Acts

Miyu Uehara

In the almost four years since I wrote this piece, I've been asked how the celebrity (more specifically female celebrity) suicide rate in Japan compares with that of Korea. I'm, in no way, going to present any analogies or official statistics of this, but since it's news whenever a famous person dies (by whatever means), all it took for me to find out how female celeb suicide rates compare between Korea and Japan, was some Internet research. In short, Korean female celebs have been more prone to take their own lives in recent years (the "trend" beginning in Feburary, 2005 with actress Lee Eun-joo's death) but the suicides of Japanese female celebs started two decades earlier. Also, the Japanese ladies seem to be a bit more creative than their Korean counterparts when it comes to the method to end it all, sometimes employing the use of toxic chemicals while the Koreans overwhelmingly favor hanging as the preferred means.

In my search for Japanese female celeb suicides in recent decades, I came up with six names. Of those names, the suicide of the one who was best-known occurred 26 years ago and the ones since weren't all exactly household names in Japan (as Choi Jin-sil was in Korea). The most recent being gravure idol Miyu Uehara (above), who was found hanged in her apartment on May 12, 2011. She left no note but was apparently unhappy with her chosen career, despite becoming quite popular in her field, with over 400 television appearances to her credit. More...

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Fri May 04, 2012

Aida Makoto - Japanese Artist


Aida Makoto is a Japanese artist. His work is designed to push buttons and draw a reaction. Much of it is highly controversial (he has a 50 minute video of the back of a man while he masturbates, for some odd reason) and much of it involving sex and women. His work is... interesting, with some of it standing out more than others, but here are some of the photos that are relevant to this community and I'll have many links at the bottom in case you would like to learn more about Aida Makoto and the rest of his works.


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Mon Apr 09, 2012

Calling All Asian Sirens Readers!


Do you love tedious labor? Do you love beautiful Asian women? Do you love both? Then boy do we have the job for you.

We would like to create an archive page of this site using Tumblr, but unfortunately we don't have the time to do it ourselves. That's where you come in. We need an Asian Sirens reader with a lot of time on their hands and the willingness to do work for free to help create a newer, better archives page, much like the one you see on Shuai's Site on the top left of the page.

Shuai Ge will tell you how to do it, but essentially we need someone that can help create for us a better archive so that we - and you - can easily go back in time and see the beautiful models we've made available. If you're interested, click on the "Contact Asian Sirens" link on the left. Let us know your degree of interest using arbitrary numbers, such as 4241412 or 9.1. I, personally, will thank you in a post, and we all know how important my opinion is to you guys. Hint: Very.

Thanks in advance. And just remember, if you do it, Cho Hye Eun will smile.*


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Sun Nov 20, 2011

Northeners vs Southerners Test


Northerner Chinese women, Southern Chinese women. Is there a difference in the way they look? Many believe so, but is it really true? We decided to find out in the most unscientific of ways possible by putting together an interactive test for our readers.

It's been a while since we did our last interactive test on Mainland Hotties, the last one got pretty good feedback so a new one is well overdue. It’s not just hot Chinese babes you know. We expect to educate as well… sometimes… at little… well not really at all, but hey.

Northeners vs Southerners Test

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Thu Jun 09, 2011

Spot the Mainland Hottie


Think you can pick out a Chinese person from a line up of various Asian nationalities?
A lot of people I've spoken to over the years here in China swear blindly that they can. Now it's time to see if you can... More...

Shuai Ge | Jun 09, 11 | 1:43 pm | 23 comments | 16666 views
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