Tue Apr 30, 2013

Scarlet Chan


Scarlet Chan is a 27 year old model and reality TV show star on a show called K-Town, which is essentially the Korea Town jersey shore. She's been a model for years, lost a great deal of weight, and is supposed to be the crazy one on the show - though I haven't seen it. It also features Violet Kim, who is very pretty, and a few other attractive women.

You can find more photos here. As always, don't be greedy and share your favorites in the comments.


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Sat Apr 27, 2013

Gim Ji Eun


Gim Ji Eun is how her name translated from 김지은. I don't know if that's actually her real name. Anyway, she was Miss Maxim Korea I believe in 2011. She's 23. I couldn't find much else. You can find more photos here and here.


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Tue Apr 23, 2013

Meisa Kuroki


Meisa Kuroki is a Japanese model and actress that happens to be half Brazillian. She has her own Wikipedia page if you want more information. Below you'll find the face you make when you see Meisa topless. More...

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Sun Apr 21, 2013

Korean Racing Models Do the Gwiyomi Song

Released three months ago by Korean singer Hari, the Gwiyomi ("Cutie") Song immediately went viral and has now become the latest Internet meme to originate from Korea. Above are three of the most popular Korean Racing models doing their version. The ladies are (clockwise from top left) Hana Hong (whom I've had the pleasure of interviewing here), Boyoung Chun, and Siyoung Ha.

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Fri Apr 19, 2013

Susie Tran


Susie Tran is a model from back in like... 2002? To be honest, I don't remember her at all, but I found her name and no information and managed to locate these pictures.. Now I'm curious who she is, where she is now, where these photos are from, etc.


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Mon Apr 15, 2013

Be Na / Nana Cafe Lu


This is Be Na, also known as Nana, from Cafe Lu in San Jose. She's one of the most searched for Cafe Lu servers, which I can only assume is because of her sparkling wit.


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Thu Apr 11, 2013

May Maung


May Maung is another fitness model that can probably beat you up. Or at least hurt you a little bit. She's smaller than most fitness models, and I like her body a lot. If you want a bodybuilder that can actually beat you up, look up Xin Li Cao. I mean Ho Li Cao she will destroy you.

Couldn't find stats on May, but she's from Oklahoma City, home of the basketball team that was stolen from Seattle. You can find an interview with her here.


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Tue Apr 09, 2013

Masumi Segawa


Masumi is a beautiful glamour/import model originally from Japan, now residing in Vancouver. I love how adorable she is and that she has the beauty and talent to do various types of modeling work. Masumi is a model that you should definitely look out for in 2013.


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Wed Apr 03, 2013

Honey Siong (Honey So Yummy) - Dangerously Cute


Speaking of well known Hmong models, I've been trying to avoid featuring Honey Siong (Xiong) for over a year, because I'm positive she'll take more revealing photos in the not-too-distant future. She isn't shy with her body, already has taken a few more scandalous photos than most implied nude models, and doesn't seem like someone that would worry about fallback. But since that hasn't happened yet and I want a place for people to talk about her, I decided to make the post anyway.

I saw Honey Siong described somewhere as "dangerously cute" and I think that's a fair phrase. This model is cute. here's a thread with tons of her photos. Here is her Tumblr where she regularly shares more.


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Fri Mar 29, 2013

Ailene Reins / NZ BEBOT


Ailene Reins is a model from New Zealand of Philipinnes ancestry. She used to have literally hundreds of nude photos, but I can't find them since some of her modeling accounts appear to be down. So if you find any good ones yourself, feel free and post links in the comments. More...

TravisStroup | Mar 29, 13 | 5:00 am | 16 comments | 16776 views
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