Fri Jul 29, 2011

10 Questions for Photographer Ben Heys


We recently had a comment from a new poster on our old Xanny Dsijad thread, pointing to his own nude photos of her on his Art of Imagery web site. I was very impressed with the quality of the photography on this site - the first glamour photography site from my part of the world (Brisbane in Queensland, Australia) I could say this about. So I felt compelled to revive our old "10 questions for" series and interview Ben Heys for Asian Sirens. More...

Dr. Lee | Jul 29, 11 | 1:34 pm | 22 comments | 22728 views

Tue Aug 10, 2010

Teban - Asian Impressions


A while ago while preparing an article for Kitty Cee, I took notice to Teban's work. Teban is the photographer who took one of my favorite photographs of her. As I started to look more into his work, not only was I amazed at the quality of his photography, but also the beauty of the Asian models that he has worked with. Naturally, I wanted to learn more as well as bring some attention to his work, so I am appreciative that he took the time to answer some questions that I had for him.


Candyman | Aug 10, 10 | 3:00 pm | 18 comments | 22900 views

Tue Aug 12, 2008

Veeshy Photography

Veeshy Photography

Photography site 749X has been around for a couple years and it's one of my favorite sites. He says he's not a pro, but he has worked with some beautiful Asian Models such as Rona Guevara, Monique Young, and Lovelee. He's worth checking out!

Lambdaben | Aug 12, 08 | 5:33 am | 13 comments | 9798 views

Thu Jan 24, 2008

Tominari Tetsu

(Photo by Tominari Tetsu)

Check out the photos by Tominari Tetsu. His site is a pain to navigate, but worth it.

"In addition to a photoblog-like assortment of still lifes and snapshots from his everyday life, Tetsu's real talent lies in capturing models in some curiously intimate and incredibly sexy situations that manage to stimulate the imagination as much as ... er, other parts: we don't know, for example, what caused the hottie in the thumbnail image to your left to start stripping in the middle of what looks like an ordinary lunch in someone's apartment. But we do know we're long overdue for a trip to Japan if that's what we can expect to find on the menu once we get there." - Fleshbot

Robin Hood | Jan 24, 08 | 6:27 am | 12 comments | 11756 views

Tue Jun 26, 2007

Swanky @

Daphny @ (Photo by Swanky)

Swanky is NOT the name of the model above, but of the photographer I found at flickr. Swanky lives in the city of Taipei, which is a rather crowded city in Taiwan. He is currently a student, majoring in computer sciences. But he is also a photographer, but not a professional one. The model above is Daphny. There are 205 photos of her.

Well, Swanky may not be a professional, as he himself states in his profile, but his portraits of Asian ladies look fantastic. Check out his flickr selection.

Robin Hood | Jun 26, 07 | 4:34 pm | 9 comments | 11538 views

Sun Jun 24, 2007

Carley @ Dion Wong Photography

Carley @ Dion Wong Photography

Photographer Dion Wong shot lots and lots of Asian models. One of them is Carley. There are 18 shots of her, so check out some of the other models while you're there.

Robin Hood | Jun 24, 07 | 10:05 pm | 6 comments | 11103 views

Fri Feb 02, 2007

Photography by Chris Carlo

Nikita Esco (Photography: Chris Carlo)

Just got informed about photographer Chris Carlo's website A nice and clean (pay)site packed with Asian babes mainly from California, US. I specially enjoyed Chris' covers that you also can find at Chris' place at MySpace.

Chris, would be great if you can make a special cover for Asian Sirens. Interessted? More...

thanirz | Feb 02, 07 | 6:44 pm | 22 comments | 29339 views

Thu Jan 25, 2007

John Harte: 'different' photography

Photography: John Harte

I know a lot of you don't like the unrealistic, touched-up Playboy style glamour photography that's out there today. All the airbrushing sometimes makes it hard to know what is real and what isn't. I am not saying John Harte isn't manipulating his photos, but they are different from mainstream photography. Rather crazy I must say. And that I like!

John regularly exhibits his images throughout Japan where he now lives (he was born and raised in Australia), and occasionally overseas. He has 4 books of his photos published.

Check out his photos on his flickr site, his official website or his MySpace. And of course he also blogs.

Robin Hood | Jan 25, 07 | 8:48 pm | 33 comments | 12269 views

Sat Nov 04, 2006

Japan-Inspired Portraits by jphotoshooter


Flickr user jphotoshooter just sent me a contact invite.

I’m a photographic artist telling stories in collaboration with wonderful (18+) models. Together we are creating cute, sexy and innocent dream scenes inspired by feelings of kawaii Japanese cosplay, anime, and pop culture.

Check out a slideshow of his work on my blog.

Mike Abundo | Nov 04, 06 | 2:24 pm | 6 comments | 12846 views

Sun Sep 10, 2006

Fine Art Nudes by Craig Morey

Photo Craig Morey

Photogarpher Craig Morey was born in 1952 in Indiana, USA. Moving to San Fransisco, where he now works, he co-founded the San Fransisco Camerawork, which continues to show the most innovative work in contemporary photography. Starting in 1988, on assignment for Penthouse, Morey began creating a series of striking black and white nudes, which appeared in numerous publications worldwide.

Robin Hood | Sep 10, 06 | 2:12 pm | 29 comments | 28828 views
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